Meaning And Symbolism Of Seeing Hummingbirds

Throughout daily life it is a common occurrence to see many animals as well as birds.

Most people will just take these sightings for granted, and they will begin to fade into the background.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Seeing Hummingbirds

But what some people do not know is that these interactions and sightings, with birds specifically, can hold some particularly significant special meanings.

This article will focus specifically on hummingbirds and how fascinating they are when it comes to the meanings associated with them.

Some people will see these birds quite commonly, while others will witness them a lot less often, but seeing these birds can come with quite a lot of other different meanings and when you see them you should really look out for the effects which follow up a sighting. 

This article is designed to help you work out the meanings of seeing a hummingbird and what you can learn from your interactions with them.

To give a quick and simple answer, witnessing hummingbirds usually means that your challenging times are coming to a close, and you will soon be able to begin healing instead.

The hummingbird is also seen as a sign that positive energy will be able to start entering your life instead of the negative which could have been dragging you down.

They are seen as signs of happiness and joy which should be followed and accepted.

Another more specific interpretation of hummingbirds is that they represent a passed loved one having their presence near yours.

Hummingbirds are seen by many as incredibly spiritual creatures and many different cultures around the world see it as very important because of this.

Since they are so small and so common in some areas of the world, many overlook any possibility this bird has to hold significant messages, but if you look deeper down into the meanings of this beautiful bird, you can learn a lot.

While this is a short answer to the significance and meaning of a hummingbird, there are a lot more specifics to this as well as a lot more nuance which is worth considering.

The rest of this article will focus on the more specific aspects and meanings of hummingbirds and if this is what you are aiming to learn about, keep reading!

The Meaning And Symbolism Of Hummingbirds

There are very few people who do not love hummingbirds. They are a very unique bird with plenty of traits that make them exciting for nature and bird lovers.

They are just as fascinating and interesting as any other species of bird, but what about them is so significant and symbolic?

A lot of people will end up seeing hummingbirds during a more challenging era of their life, this could be when someone close to them is ill or in sickness, or perhaps while someone is mourning and going through the process of grieving.

In these times, the hummingbird is present to symbolize the beginning of the healing process and the hope which comes with the ability to move on from these periods of trial.

So if you are hearing a hummingbird, or seeing one near you, this could be the spirit of your loved on helping you to heal.

This is what makes hummingbirds as comforting to so many people and helps many people remember that even when someone may not be with you physically, they could still be with you in spirit.

This comforting and healing spirit of hummingbirds has changed how many people live their lives and can help people understand and enjoy aspects of their life which may be overlooked by others.

Hummingbirds are known to occasionally appear out of nowhere, and just as soon as they are appeared, they are able to disappear just as quickly.

We can use this to teach us to enjoy the small experiences in life which make us happy and to not overlook any small opportunities in our life as these could end up bringing plenty of joy later on.

Life and what happens in it is unpredictable, and hummingbirds serve to remind us of this.

Because of the appearance of hummingbirds, they have fascinated people for many years.

It is a belief by many people in Central American specifically that if you witness a hummingbird that love is entering your life and to celebrate when you see one because of what it could bring with it.

And while hummingbirds are not directly mentioned or described within the bible, many people have interpreted seeing a hummingbird as a sign which comes directly from heaven.

This guide will show you why seeing a hummingbird is nothing which should be ignored and will hopefully aid you in understanding this.

What It Means When You Cross Paths With A Hummingbird

You are in for a treat if a hummingbird has crossed your path recently. As you probably know, these birds are well known for their stunning beauty as well as how agile they are.

Because of this they are thought to be able to carry and guide people who see them through rough times.

One of the most common interpretations of crossing paths with a hummingbird is that you are being given a gift of happiness and joy and all you need to do is accept this.

They are also seen as a sign to indicate that in the near future you will be receiving good new from a potentially unexpected source and to keep your eyes open for this.

However, if you notice that a hummingbird is always flying away from you instead of towards you this could mean something different.

If this is what you keep seeing it could mean that something or someone new will be entering your life in the near future, but this may not be the easiest thing for you to deal with, and it may take some getting used to.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Seeing Hummingbirds

If the hummingbird is always flying towards you however, this means that there may be an obstacle or a challenge in your near future, but you should not worry too much about this because the hummingbird is telling you that you will easily be able to overcome this hurdle. 

These messages are usually quite easy to remember, so next time you see a hummingbird, keep all of this in mind and heed any warnings they may be giving you.

What It Means When You Are Visited By A Hummingbird

There is a wide variety of reasons why a hummingbird could be visiting you and this section will address the different reasons why his could be.

If you are visited by a hummingbird in a place or area which feels unfamiliar to you or the ones you are close with, this is usually interpreted as a sign of forthcoming good luck or just simple happiness coming into your life.

Just seeing a hummingbird that is darting about your space that is hovering and whistling is already a beautiful and joy inducing thing to behold, so this is the hummingbird telling you to look out for more things like this in your life.

You can use the sight of these beautiful tiny birds as a catalyst to manifesting what you need and what you want in life.

A hummingbird entering and leaving your space will often leave a flowery scent which is used to attract more hummingbirds.

This is seen as a sign that when one good thing enters and maybe then leaves your life, not to mourn too much as it just means that it has opened the door to more beautiful and good things happening to you.

This is a sign to begin following your aspirations and your dreams as the momentum has already been built up by the hummingbird and all you need to do is capitalize this moment.

If you keep seeing hummingbirds, it is a sign that the universe is indicating you should sieve any opportunity which comes your way and to not let go, instead jump straight in and use this energy to follow your dreams.

This is also seen as a sign to not worry too much about what other people are thinking and to instead trust in yourself and know what you want.

It is always advised to occasionally listen to other people as 2 brains are better than 1, but if you feel this person pulling you away from the path which you feel is right for you, do not let them shake your foundations and tear you from where you should be.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Hummingbird Feather

It is not just the hummingbird itself which has a strong spiritual meaning, but also parts of the hummingbird specifically, for example their feathers.

The feathers of a hummingbird are often interpreted as having a strong spiritual meaning with the main one being that they are connected to the divine.

The feathers of a hummingbird are able to connect you to more energy and use this energy as empowerment to lead you towards future success.

As has been previously mentioned, hummingbirds have often been interpreted as associated with happiness and joy as well as having a strong connection to the number 7 and all associations with this. 

The feathers of hummingbirds will often have a delicate and pleasant spiritual meaning to mirror how delicate they are themselves.

A feather of a hummingbird is much more likely to being in a period of peace on top of the happiness and joy which comes with a hummingbird.

You can keep the feather of a hummingbird close to your heart and use to guide you towards better and happier times.

Meaning Of Seeing A Hummingbird At Night

While seeing a hummingbird at night will still bring you the good luck which seeing one at night will bring, it does come with other meanings on top of this which you should be on the lookout for.

There is some Native American folklore which states that if you run into a hummingbird during the nighttime it means that you are soon going to run into someone who will be able to bring you happiness as well as joy.

Also, if you are consistently having dreams that you are seeing hummingbirds during the nighttime, this could be a sign that your wishes are soon going to come true.

This is a sign to sleep with your hair down as well as positioning yourself to face in an eastern direction.

Native American Hummingbird Meaning

The majority of Native American tribes hold positive associations with hummingbirds and see them as holding positive messages instead of negative.

There is a belief that these birds and associated with industriousness, integrity, beauty, and harmony.

There are Native American legends which depict this bird as taking a whaling role and as a spirit which is able to help people through rough times in their lives.

As well as this they are seen as a sign of good luck. Tribes which are in the northwest are more likely to see this as a sign of good luck as well as seeing them as god’s messengers.

It is also told that ancient Mexicans saw them as sacred creatures, and they were the divine animal of an Aztec god called Huitzilopochtli.

There were also some Mexican tribes who saw this bird as a messenger from the spirit world to speak to ours.

These birds were seen as a manifestation of those who have passed out of this life like beloved family and friends who are no longer with us but still want to show us love.

Hummingbirds were often also used as clan animals, for examples, the Pueblo tribe located in New Mexico used this animal as their clan animal.

This means that the hummingbird is an integral part of their tribe’s identity, and you can see this in the birds presence being carved into many different totem poles.

There are also legends where a hummingbird will take the role as the protagonist and who we should learn our lessons from.

They are often mentioned in myths from the Cherokee where they are often mentioned alongside other birds like buzzards and cranes.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Seeing Hummingbirds

The Native American beliefs surrounding the Hummingbird well summarize how the hummingbird can represent a spiritual aspect of our lives which we may not often enough pay attention towards.

Spiritual Significance Of Hummingbirds

While hummingbirds are beautiful creatures which are adorable and loved by many, it is important to know that there is more to them than just their appearance.

Looking into Native American animism, we can see that there is a belief that hummingbirds are a sign of both peace as well as happiness.

That means that if you see a hummingbird there is a good chance that there will be significant changes coming soon in the future, and it is likely that these changes will be positive,

It is also believed that if you see a hummingbird while you are amidst a conversation with someone else, this means that the person you are talking to has good intentions and can be trusted.

While there are many spiritual interpretations of what hummingbirds can signify, let’s look at some of the most common:


There is a common belief that hummingbirds are a messenger from God, and they are supposed to bring good news when people see them, this is why so many people believe that these birds are a sign of good luck.

They are also sending a message that there are big changes on the horizon, and you should be prepared for them.

A Period Of Grief

There is another belief that hummingbirds are a sign of a period of grief and that someone who you care for and love deeply is in the process of passing away and dying.

The hummingbird is there to indicate you should reach out to be able to contact your loved ones as well as support others who are close to them, so you can get through this grieving period together.

This grief is not always death related however as it could be related to your own personal sense of grief in a period of struggle and the hummingbird is there to support you through the pain of this.

If you see a hummingbird while you are going through a period of struggle remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel and your suffering will not last forever.

Significant Changes Ahead

If you see a hummingbird, especially if you feel like you are in a state of stagnation and nothing is changing for you, this is a sign that changes are coming soon, and you should be prepared for them.

These changes are not always massive, but there is a good chance they will be significant, like an opportunity to live somewhere new, or a shift in your career or domestic life.

These changes are usually a positive as well as they are signified by the hummingbird and all of its positive associations.

Positive Omens

One of the most common interpretations of hummingbirds is as a positive omen.

So if you feel like you are in a negative phase of your life, and you feel like nothing is improving, if you see a hummingbird, you can know that this will soon come to an end and positive better things are coming for you.

Many cultures see hummingbirds as a symbol of good luck, so channel this in knowing that your life will shift in a positive direction and something good is coming soon.

Meaning Of A Green Hummingbird

If you see a green hummingbird specifically, this is seen as a sign of positivity coming into your life as well as patience, perseverance as well as abundance.

Green hummingbirds are seen as a sign that everything will turn out well in the end and when they are flying, they are seen as a sign that everything will turn out alright in the end.

These birds always seem to carry positivity so take this as a sign that your life will enter a stage of abundance and things will just continue to get better for you.

Green hummingbirds are also seen as a sign of lightness, beauty and joy.

They are a sign to ensure that you are grateful for the smaller beautiful things in life and the sweet moments that are common but can still be a massive positive influence. Green hummingbirds in particular are here to remind us of that.

Meaning Of A Red Hummingbird

A red hummingbird specifically is a sign of forthcoming romance, love and beauty. This is a powerful and symbolic sign that this red bird is letting you work towards your goals and be able to accomplish them all if you put in the effort.

The red bird is the joys of life and can bring happiness as well as health and power.

Meaning Of A Yellow Hummingbird

A yellow hummingbird brings positive energy and vibes. It has a sunny bright yellow appearance which is telling you that you will soon receive good news which may be coming from an unexpected source.

This is also a reminded that you have the power to take advantage of opportunities when they come to you and that you should act upon them if you are given this kind of power.

The yellow hummingbird represents positive opportunities which you should capitalize on.

You should ensure to welcome new changes which are likely to make your life more fun and interesting than it had been previously. 

Some also believe that a yellow hummingbird could be a caution to make sure to pay attention to the details in your life as if you do not, you could easily miss something that could ended up being incredibly important and significant.

Meaning Of A Black Hummingbird

A black hummingbird is likely to represent spiritual transformations as well as rebirth.

They can symbolize that you should remain confident and persistent and serve as a reminder that you should not give up and give in easily.

A lot of people choose to tattoo a black hummingbird as they represent a change someone could be going through in their life as their presence will usually bring forth good fortune (Also check out Is It Safe To Get Angel Numbers Tattooed Onto You?).

Black hummingbirds specifically are also often seen to be sacred messengers which can send messages from the spirit world into our physical world.

Meaning Of A Blue Hummingbird

A blue hummingbird is a sign to be introspective and to make sure to give a good amount of attention to our own personal thoughts and feelings instead of overlooking them as many people can be tempted to.

Blue hummingbirds are specifically known for their singing ability and people see this as a sign to be decisive as well as introspective with this.

Meaning Of A White Hummingbird

A white hummingbird, similar to a lot of white animals, are seen as a sign of purity, but this is also mixed with a representation of devotion and courage. 

White hummingbirds are seen to be more intuitive than other hummingbirds and are thought to be able to sense specific energies which are usually hidden from a physical sense.

The energy which you could receive from a white hummingbird is used to keep people connected to the earth that grounds us as well as opening our eyes to new possibilities as well as potential adventures we could take.

Symbolism Of A Dead Hummingbird

While it can be incredibly disheartening and sad to see a dead animal, this could still be interpreted as a message from the spirit world which it will be important for you to listen to.

By looking at what people have historically and spiritually associated the sight of a dead hummingbird with, it is usually a sign to live more cautiously and to be careful since seeing this sight is often quite a rare occurrence.

Seeing a dead hummingbird can be a way to empower yourself to be able to deal and cope with any potential forthcoming challenges. You should be cautious but not stagnant.

A dead hummingbird is not always a negative and is sometimes seen as a sign that you are ready to fulfill your commitments.

Meaning Of A Hummingbird In Christianity And The Bible

While a hummingbird is not directly mentioned in the bible by name in spite of appearing in lots of other legends and folklore, it is interpreted by many to be indirectly mentioned many times.

This is because hummingbirds are seen as messengers from heaven that we should relieve ourselves of what could be burdening us.

This can be to do with grief and the bible describes that when this happens to our loved ones, it means that they have passed onto another plane of existence.

This is why lots of people describe or see hummingbirds as angels as they are thought to be able to speak between different realms and planes of reality.

Because of this many see them as synonymous with angels and when angels are mentioned in the bible, many associate references of them to hummingbirds.

Shamanic Meaning Of Hummingbird

If you want to look at the shamanic meaning of hummingbirds, many see the symbolism associated with them as different depending on which specific culture you are witnessing. However, in spite of this, there are some consistent themes between these cultures. 

The most consistent of these themes is the idea that hummingbirds are messengers between different planes of existence, but they can also be seen as signs of renewal, rebirth, transformation, and occasionally even resurrection.

Is It Good Luck When You See A Hummingbird

While most people would interpret seeing a hummingbird as good luck, there are others that disagree, so let’s look at the points on each side.

Good Luck Meanings

Hummingbirds are seen as a sign of joy and happiness and should be treated as a sign that these things are forthcoming, and you should look forward to this.

They have also been seen to bring gifts to those who they like, so this is interpreted as a clear sign of positive intent.

Bad Luck Meanings

The main negative sign for hummingbirds is that they have been known to bite people.

So you could see this as an omen of forthcoming danger, but you should be able to avoid this by giving hummingbirds the space they need as they can be scared of humans.


Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures, and for the most part they have almost exclusively positive spiritual meanings and associations.

If you treat a hummingbird with respect and appreciate their beauty, you can see this as a sign of good things to come and that any grief or trauma you may be experiencing is not permanent but just a hurdle for you to overcome and empower yourself with.

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