I’ve Seen A Blue Jay, What Now? – The Spiritual Significance Of A Blue Jay

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If you’ve been on a walk and seen a bluejay, you might be wondering what it means for you in your life.

Often, these animals mean different things according to different religions or symbolic books of meaning.

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I’ve Seen A Bluejay, What Now? - The Spiritual Significance Of A Bluejay

If you see a bluejay, then this could be a sign that you should be better at communicating with someone, especially over a challenging aspect of your life.

It might also be a sign that you need to be more determined, especially when pursuing your dreams.

There are many different interpretations surrounding the bluejay, so we’ll be asking the big questions: what does a bluejay mean for your future?

How can you integrate this message into your life? Is a bluejay a positive sign? Are there any negatives associated with it?

Well, if you have a burning desire to know your future, then keep reading.

The Symbolism Of A Blue Jay

When it comes to the meaning behind a blue jay, it will help to focus on the behavior of this little creature to see how that will indicate how your life is going to change.

These birds are very energetic and will always be on the go. Whether it is getting food for their young or building the nest, they’ll be moving from morning until dusk. This is why this bird is associated with positive energy.

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This is one of the reasons why this bird is associated with pursuing your goals. This is the kind of focus that this bird displays and seeing one is a sign that you should adopt a similar focus in your own life.

This bird is also a very selective one, taking pains to pick the right mate that they’ll stay with for many years.

So when you see a blue jay, then you should adopt the same attitude. They will often stay with their mate until the day they die.

If the mate of a bluejay dies, then it will not choose another. This kind of loyalty might also be something that you either need to adopt in your life or something that you are lacking.

This animal is associated with springtime, which is obviously a time for new beginnings.

So if you are stuck in a rut and you want to move on to pastures new, then seeing a blue jay might be a sign that you should take action immediately.

A bluejay will also be very protective of its nest and if you decide to adopt this as your spirit animal, then you should do the same.

You might want to protect something that you feel is under attack.

The only way to earn the respect of a bluejay is by making sure that you are honest and open with it.

If you show the blue jay your true self, then it will accept you into its heart and bestow you with many blessings and a lot of good luck.

If you are looking to get respect from others, either in the workplace or in your own family or friendship circles, then you should not be afraid to show who you are.

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If someone decides to reject you for this reason, then they are not worth having in your life.

If you follow the example of the blue jay and be completely fearless, then you will soon see a change in your life.

What Happens If I See A Blue Jay?

This bird possesses huge spiritual significance, so if you see one then you should be aware that it will come with all the blessings that you require.

This type of bird can really motivate you. Just looking at the color of its wings and underbelly could be that inciting moment that will cause you to make a lot of changes in your circumstances.

This creature will get by in the wild as it adopts an attitude of amazing courage and resilience. Adopting these traits will only give you the best of luck and a positive outlook in your life.

When this bird defends its nest from predators, it really develops a sharp focus and skill.

This is how you get the attention that you deserve in the workplace and get through certain obstacles that people put in your way.

The bluejay is also very adaptive to its environment, which is a key to its continued survival in the wild.

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So taking this basic principle, then you can adopt it into your own life. For example, if you are struggling to adapt to a new workplace, then try taking on a positive attitude and focusing on your work.

However, there is another attribute of the bluejay that you can use in your everyday life that might be completely contrary to how you approach things.

These birds are often known to irritate other birds with their shrill cries. This is evidence that this bird is not afraid to cause a stir when necessary. This is why this bird symbolizes mischief and play.

It is important to adopt these qualities in your life sometimes, as it helps you to think outside the box and take on new perspectives from challenges that you might be facing.

This is also why this bird signifies great change. Sometimes it is important to see that change is not that daunting.

These birds often mimic other birds when they are trying to avoid predators. They are famous for doing a pitch-perfect impression of red-tailed hawks to avoid them invading their nest.

What Happens When You See A Blue Jay Near Your Home?

I’ve Seen A Bluejay, What Now

If you are looking out the window one day and you see a blue jay skipping around your backyard right in your line of sight, then this is a definite sign.

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This is the universe telling you that you need to head forward and keep on the path you are walking without erring.

You might have noticed that this bird has appeared when you are experiencing a moment of conflict.

However, it might also be a sign that you are taking your eye off a very important issue in your life that deserves attention.

If you see a bluejay in your garden, then grab a piece of paper and make a note of all the important aspects of your life. Then make a note of anything you might be missing out on.

If you have not messaged that friend back for a while or you might have neglected a certain aspect of your work or maybe you are not making that much time for yourself, then the blue jay might be telling you that you should rectify that quickly.

What Should I Do If I See Two Blue Jays In My Yard?

But what happens if you see not just one, but two of these amazing creatures in your own home? What could this be a sign of?

Well, this is often a sign that something is about to change in your romantic life. This is often a romantic pairing with someone who will have the same thoughts and feelings as you.

However, if you are seeing two bluejays and you already have a partner, then this could be a sign that something is lacking in the relationship and that you’ll need to develop a closer bond with them.

Try sitting down together and discussing which areas of your relationship might need work.

What Do Repeated Sightings Of A Blue Jay Mean?

You might be noticing that a lot of bluejays are appearing in your life all of a sudden and are scratching your head as to what this might mean.

Well, as this any other symbol, repeated sightings change their meaning.

In the case of repeated bluejay sightings, this just emphasizes the fact that you’ll need to stay on the path that you’ve set for yourself.

If there is a blue jay near you for a considerable length of time then this is a sign that you should stay focused, particularly when it comes to following your dreams.

What Happens If A Blue Jay Crosses My Path?

This is no bad omen, as a blue jay will often be associated with good things in your life. So if you are walking and a bluejay runs across your path, then this is indeed a good sign.

This could be an indication that you are going to come into some luck really soon.

Often these signs act as reminders that you should not deviate from the path that lies in front of you.

What Does A Flock Of Blue Jays Symbolize?

blue jays

This is a more common sight, as these birds like to move in flocks in the wild. But what does this mean for your spiritual development?

If you see a lot of bluejays in one place, then this is a reminder that we are often influenced by the influx of thought from many individuals and it is important to sift through what is valuable and what is not valuable to us.

It is also a sign that will inform you not to get too hung up on your assumptions, as they can get in the way of you having some profound realizations.

What Do Blue Jays Symbolize In Other Parts Of The World?

If you are looking at Native American culture, then you can be sure that blue jay holds a whole lot of other significances.

In this culture, it is recognised that bluejays represent the harmony that is inherent in nature. This is becasue these birds live in complete harmony with nature and respect all other living creatures.

There is also the belief that this animal has come from heaven to instigate changes in the way things are conducted.

The bluejay is also a way for Native Americans to connect to their ancestors, who according to legend dwell in the natural world along with the plants and animals.

The blue jay appearing is the best method of these ancestors showing love and compassion to their still-living descendants.

These creatures have blue wings, so they also associated in Native American culture as representing the blue that is in the skies and in heaven. These are seen as being creatures of the divine.

There are other cultures that see blue jays as being an omen, either good or bad in intention.

Bluejays are also associated with ravens, which have a reutation as being very mischevious.

They are also associated with coyotes who, again, are seen as tricksters. This can lead some cultures to believe that the bluejay is actually a bad omen.

There is actually another theory to suggest that this bird’s shiny wings are not that associated with beauty but rather with death and untrustworthiness.

However, this is not to say that this is what seeing a blue jay will mean for you.

Some people think that the blue jay’s dark color represents a dark soul and this is also why it will bode very badly if you see one.

What Does It Mean If You Find A Blue Jay Feather?

There is a rich history of significance when it comes to finding solitary bird feathers and the blue jay is no different.

There are Celtic, Aborigine and Egyptian cultures from history that suggest that a feather is an ancestor transferring wisdom from the spirit world.

So if you have found a blue jay feather, then this might be a sign that someone who has passed on might be trying to get in touch with you.

There is also a history that suggests that feathers are the best method of transferring magic and spells through the ages from the undead to the living.

It might be no surprise to read that feather are also associated with angels, who famously have wings that are made from feathers.

If you find a blue jay feather, then it could be a sign that the heavenly realm is trying to communicate with you.

If you see a bluejay feather, then keep it close to your chest, as this will bring you closer to the divine realm, according to some cultures.

Being close to the divine is always considered as being a positive omen.

If you have found a blue jay feather, this could be a sign that you guardian angel is trying to get in touch with you or guide you on the good path.

What Other Meanings Are There For Blue Jay Feathers?

Blue Jay Feather

Focus And Determination

If you have found a blue jay’s feather, then this could be a sign from above, either through a guardian angle oir someone who has passed on, that you are meant to pursue the path that you’ve been on for a while.

You should always make sure that you are open to new opportunities, as this will help you to strive forward and be much more determined in your goals.


This type of feather does have protective powers, so when you find one then place it in your pocket to feel protected throughout the day.

A blue jay feather will also help you to protect yourself against any evil forces that happen to be praying on you at that time. Having a feather nearby will help to ward off these bad spirits and bring you luck wherever you go.

Calm And Balance

If you are struggling to keep your thoughts in order and maybe are going through a period of prolonged anxiety, then having a feather such as this might be the universe trying to tell you to keep focused and not get too stressed.

Calm is a great method of relaxing the mind and sifting out all the negative thoughts. If you are overtaken by emotion, then you might be prone to making unreasonable choices.

If you find a blue jay feather then stop, take a breath and look around you. Bing yourself to the present and allow all those anxious thoughts around you to dissolve like clouds.

Blue Jays And Death

Now, when you see a blue jay, this doesn’t mean that you are going to die. However, this could symbolize the death of a habit, situation or relationship in your life.

If you see a bluejay at a pivotal moment in your life, then this might mean that you will have to walk away from a situation that might have been slowly dying or decaying for a long time.

This person, situation or attitude might be causing you some suffering, porbably because it is a very chaotic force in your life.

Stepping away from this might be the only way to bring you peace and tranquility.

If you walk forwrads and don’t look back, then this is the best method of avoiding any more suffering and eventually becoming a lot happier.

Once calm is restored, you’ll also be able to think a lot more clearly.

The only way to make our lives more positive is by stepping away from negative relationships and carrying on forward.

What Does Finding A Dead Blue Jay Mean?

dead blue jay

Again, this does not always necessarily mean a bad omen, but it could represent the fact that you’re losing your momentum or focus.

It could also be a sign that you have starved a certain aspect of your life that you need to make sure you pay attention to.

It could also represent the fact that you’re trying to hide away from complicated feelings and that you need to take ownership of them and face them sooner rather than later.

So bear in mind that when you’re seeing a literal dead creature that it does not always represent death in a literal sense.

What Significance Does A Blue Jay Have When It Comes To Love?

As we have mentioned above, bluejays are very selective when it comes to finding a partner.

Therefore, if you find one or especially a pair, it will signify that change is in the air when it comes to your love life.

These bluejays will stick together for life once they have mated, this is one of their best and most appealing traits.

If you see a pair of bluejays, then this could be pointing the way towards a relationship that will give you an extremely deep connection.

A bluejay might also represent a deeper bond and loyalty that you might not have seen before.

It could also be a sign that you will have to pay attention to a romantic connection that might be dwindling.

A bluejay is also a symbol of devotion and protection. It could be a sign that you have to protect someone that you love, especially if they are going through a difficult time.

If you see a bluejay, then the universe might be telling you that you need to reevaluate certain relationships in your life.

You might not be aware that some relationships are very harmful to you and you might need to step away from them for the sake of your health.

A bluejay could also be a reminder to be grateful for the emotional connection that you currently have.

It is very important to honor the healthy relationships that you have in your life and to make sure your partner is aware of what they mean to you.

In the same way that the bluejay will take of its flock, you’ll need to protect your loved ones in much the same manner.

This protectiveness is very important to maintain in a relationship.

When someone else is feeling at their weakest, they might not be able to reach out to you for help.

This is when the universe will intervene and remind you that you will need to reach out to this person yourself to check if they are okay.

The Blue Jay With Other Birds – What Happens If You See A Blue Jay And A Cardinal?

This will be a rare occurrence, but there might be a time when you see a blue jay with other birds. But what is the significance of seeing a blue jay with a cardinal?

When you see these boirds together, it could be a sign that someone is trying to guide you in a spiritual sense.

This is becasue the cardinal represents wisdom. Pairing this up with the positivity and focus associated with the bluejay, this means that you’ll have to approach an aspect of your life with wisdom and clarity.

Blue jays are also a symbol of curiosity and open-mindedness.

Therefore, if you see two of these birds either together or in quick succession, then you it means that you should approach things with an open-mind, but also calmness, drawing on your own personal experience.

What Happens If I See A Blue Jay With Its Mate?

blue jays

As we have touched upon above, a blue jay will often pair with a mate for life. This makes spotting a blue jay in the wild with its mate a symbol for never-ending loyalty.

If you have seen a bluejay with its mate, then it can be a symbol of the love that already exists between you and another person.

If you have an unbreakable bond with a person, this could be a sign that this bond will remain intact for years to come.

These birds also represent faithfulness, which is another important attribute in cementing a relationship.

Seeing the fact that these birds mate for life is usually a source of inspiration for couples in long-lasting or new relationships.

These birds are frequently tied to notions of undertanding, protection, loyalty and dedication.

This animal spirit is tried to the air element, the bluejay will also represent your natural intelligance as well as your internal monologue.

If you find a bluejay fetaher, then you can expect a dramatic turnaround in your life, usually for the better.

You can expect things to get much brighter in the immediate future.

This feather also represents healing and a degree of self-care.

If you find a feather during a time of intense stress, then this will be a sign telling you that you should take a breather and make some time to look after yourself.

Because the feather is blue, then it will also be a sign to keep calm. You can take all these elements and combine them, taking a calming walk and breathing in the air in order to relax.

This feather is the embodiment of healing, so if you are going through a mental or physical wound, then it is important to ist back, take stock and allow yourself to recover.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Blue Jay?

If you are looking for good vibes in your life, then there is no better sign that seeing a bluejay.

These animals radiate lightness and energy in a way that will really help you to reconnect with yourself and the lighter aspects of you.

The fact that this bird is connected with boldness and assertiveness could be a good sign that you are needing to adopt these attitudes in your own life.

This bird is a bit of a loner and will only forge strong connections with those that it needs to, such as its mate and its young.

This could be a sign that you need to remove all unnecessary excesses from your life.

If you are putting too much energy into one-way relationships, then this is another sign that you need to get out of them and focus on the relationships that make you happy.

This might not mean a specific relationship with a person, but it could also mean the relationship that you have with work or your family.

The bluejay is also a bird that will not be afraid to crow and scare away other birds with its voice. This could be a sign that you need to use your own voice more in order to stand up for yourself.

If you see a bluejay, then you’ll need to be as free and bold as a bluejay. This is a combination of assertiveness and the ability to trust your own judgement.

The bluejay is also a symbol of clarity.

There are plenty of times that we could do with this in our lives, so when you see a blue jay cutting across your path, you need to ask yourself whether you have enough clarity in your life.

Here are the key attributes that are often associated with the blue jay:


There are many people in life who will come and go, but there are certain people that will always stay with you and it is important to honor and value them.

You’ll need to make sure that you act as the blue jay acts with its mate, always honoring it with intense devotion and heart.


If you are on the verge of giving up on a dream or an ambition, then seeing a blue jay might be the sign that you need to keep going, that success is only around the corner.


These creatures are great communicator, so if you are finding it hard to harness your voice, then do as the blue jay does and scream not only loudly but eloquently.


We hope that our in-depth account of the symbolism associated with the blue jay has helped you to apply this amazing animal spirit’s personality to your everyday life.

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