Is There Meaning Behind Getting Shot In Your Dreams?

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For centuries human beings have been trying to understand and decipher their dreams. Our fascination with dreams has changed over time according to what we believe they represent. 

Is There Meaning Behind Getting Shot In Your Dreams?

Ancient Egyptians thought of dreams as different forms of seeing, they even appointed professionals to dream about the tactics for battle and other political decisions.

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The Ancient Greeks and Romans thought of dreams as visions and predictions of the future. 

Scientists such as Sigmund Freud have written whole books trying to analyze these nighttime occurrences.

Freud thought that dreams were repressed conflicts and desires in your subconscious. 

There are certain types of dreams that many of us have, for example, our teeth falling out.

Here we’ve created a guide to look at the meaning behind dreams where we are shot and what they mean.

At some point in life, people will have dreamt of being shot or shooting someone else and these can be triggered by a multitude of things. 

Why Am I Dreaming About Being Shot?

Sometimes our dreams are a reflection of what has happened to us throughout the day and we are replaying this in our minds.

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Therefore we may dream about ourselves or others being shot as we saw this mimicked on a television show or on the news.

Perhaps you heard a story about someone in your neighborhood being shot and this is playing on your mind. 

Our emotions are believed to have an impact on what we dream about.

If we have feelings of worry or impending danger in our waking lives then we may experience being shot in our dreams.

In order to better understand our dreams, writing them down as soon as we wake can be really helpful in analyzing them as we can map out a clear view. 

Dreams about being shot can differ for each person.

The way you or someone else is shot, the person shooting you or the place where it happens can represent different emotions and provoke different interpretations.

Usually, having dreams of being shot inspires positive energy and practical outcomes in regard to the individual situation. 

Different Types Of Shooting Dreams

Many people have reported experiencing dreams of being shot, but they aren’t all the same as one another.

As humans, we are complex creatures with a wide range of emotions and experiences which are reflected in our dreams. 

We’re going to talk about the most common types of shooting dreams and interpret what they can denote. 

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Dreaming Of Being Shot In The Back 

If someone shot you in the back during your slumber it can indicate that you have doubts about someone around you.

Perhaps you think this individual is plotting something behind your back or you think they are going to betray you in the near future. 

There may be some strained relationships in your life at the moment and you’re concerned about the way these people may treat you in the future.

This type of dream may really make you question your friendships and indicate that it’s perhaps time to cut ties with some people. 

Dreaming Of Seeing The Person Who Shoots You

Is There Meaning Behind Getting Shot In Your Dreams?

Seeing the face of someone who shoots you can be deeply disturbing, especially if it’s someone you know.

This tends to indicate that you’re having difficulties with this specific person in your waking life.

If there is someone you consider to be a rival or to be jealous of you, this may be the person who shot you. 

Usually, this type of dream is associated with love and professional life contexts. 

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Being Shot By A Friend

Waking up after being shot by your friend in a dream can leave you with a salty taste in the mouth.

This may indicate that there has been some tension or falling out between you and the friend recently.

If you’ve recently had a miscommunication or they’ve done something to break your trust, this could be why you’ve dreamt of them shooting you. 

If this is the case, it may be time to resolve these issues and rebuild the relationship. 

Friendships don’t last forever and if this person has upset you, losing your trust and respect it may be time to cut off the friendship completely. 

Being Shot By Your Significant Other 

We’ve all had dreams where our significant other has done something to annoy us in our dreams and we’ve felt those emotions and annoyance in real life!

Relationship issues may indicate why you’re dreaming of this.

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If there have been any feelings of resentment, falling out of love or jealousy, it’s possible that this is the root of your dream. 

Other interpretations of this dream suggest that you have doubts about your significant other including how genuine those feelings are toward them or theirs towards you.

If you’ve recently been betrayed by your partner cheating on you, dreams of them shooting you are quite common. 

Surviving Being Shot In Your Dream

Being shot but surviving in your dream can represent your feelings towards a certain person if you saw who shot you or any recent upset you may have experienced.

Any recent perceived threats of danger or lack of feeling secure and safe may prompt these types of dreams. 

When surviving in this situation, it is important to remember that you’ve survived it.

This infers that you have the resources and mental power to overcome any challenges that are coming your way.

Afterwards, you may experience feelings of strength and resilience. 

Dreams Of Being Fatally Shot

On the other hand, you may have recently experienced a dream where you didn’t survive.

Unfortunately, this can happen and it’s perfectly normal to feel upset and a little shaken by this type of dream.

Some interpretations suggest this indicates that any ongoing conflict in your life is coming to an end soon and will flourish in the relationships around you. 

Other theories suggest that this dream occurs when you feel like your life has come to a standstill for an extended period of time.

This may be the prompt that you need to shake things up a bit and motivate yourself to take on new challenges and experiences.

So, these typically denote positive experiences even if they may seem disturbing upon waking. 

Dreaming Of Being Shot In The Neck 

Is There Meaning Behind Getting Shot In Your Dreams?

Sometimes we don’t realise that we are experiencing internal conflict until something encourages us to engage in self-reflection.

Being shot in the neck can be an indicator of internal conflict. 

Certain decisions can leave us fighting between what our head and our heart are telling us to do which leaves us with feelings of stress and frustration.

Trusting your ‘gut feelings’ or what your intuition tells you is the answer in this situation. 

An alternative interpretation of this dream is that you’re experiencing negative energy from someone in your life at the moment and it is making you stressed. 

Dreaming Of Being Shot With Arrows 

This is a rather interesting one, as we don’t tend to encounter many arrows in our daily lives unless you watch a lot of cowboy-style movies.

This type of dream could be a sign that you have many deep emotions inside of you that aren’t being dealt with or haven’t had enough time or space to be processed.

Journaling can be a great way to let these emotions free.

Experiencing jealousy in waking life is another reason behind this type of dream. 

Dreaming Of Being Shot In War Or Battle Situations

Taking part in combat isn’t something many of us will experience in our lives, so you may be questioning why you are dreaming of this situation.

Dreaming of being shot on the battlefield can indicate you’re having an issue with something that is in your past. 

Perhaps there is something or someone in your past that you aren’t able to forget or move on from.

These dreams can indicate that you need to address these past memories in order to move forward with your life rather than experience a constant fight with your past life. 

Dreaming Of Being Shot In Your Own Home

For the majority of people, their homes are their havens. A home is a place you can escape from the world and relax.

Hopefully, you feel safe and secure in your own home.

Therefore it can be confusing if you’ve dreamt that someone has shot you in your own home.  

Feeling unsafe in real life may be a predictor of this type of dream.

Sometimes there are chasing elements to these dreams which make you feel like you cannot escape from a certain person.

If you are already a victim in real life then this may be why you’re experiencing this dream. 

Similarly, if you feel like your surroundings are dangerous such as a violent neighbor this dream can be prompted.

Avoiding the person and taking proper action towards anyone that makes you feel like this in real life is crucial.

Not all circumstances are the same, adapting to your specific situation within your means can help. 

Dreaming Of Being Shot From Above

Being shot from above can give off the feeling of being a target.

When someone who will be a negative influence is about to come into your life, you may experience this type of dream.

A bad influence could be a romantic partner, a friend or colleague. Although you may not realise it at first, this person is to be avoided as soon as possible.  

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, dreams are a complex business which can mean several different things.

Paying close attention to your waking life is key when trying to understand your dreams.

Being shot in your dream can be highly unsettling and may leave you feeling fragile, these feelings are perfectly natural and will pass eventually. 

We hope you found learning about each of these types of dreams interesting.

Saving this article for later may be useful if you experience one of these dreams!

Remember not to panic and try to figure out which lesson your dream is trying to teach you. 

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