Intuition And Psychic Quotes

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Sometimes you just need some words to inspire you, to reflect on what your intuition can tell you and get you to trust into the very instincts that can propel your intuition and even psychic ability.

Intuition and Psychic Quotes - Psychic Readings Guide

In this article, I’m going to put several quotes forward and explain why I like them and what they could mean for you. Feel free to scroll ahead if you so wish. Here goes…

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Your Intuition Will Not Fail You

This is perhaps the first and foremost thing to consider when it comes to your intuition.

Whenever you find yourself in new territory, your instincts either will alert you to anything you need to be wary of, or put you completely at ease, and that’s how you know what path to take.

Intuition Is A Spiritual Faculty And Does Not Explain, But Simply Points The Way.

When you have a gut feeling about something, this might spark you to wonder why that might be.

But when this happens, you simply need to relax and act according to your instincts, without there having to be an obvious reason why.

Intuition only tells you what, it won’t always tell you why. And you need to accept that, and move with it.

I Follow My Intuition And Know That Nothing Is Put Before Me That I Can’t Handle.

This is not just a quote, but an affirmation. It helps you tell yourself that you can and do follow your intuition.

And that anything that comes your way, even if it feels really hard sometimes, is nothing you can’t handle.

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You have the strength to get through everything that comes your way.

Follow Your Intuition, It Will Always Take You To The Right Destination.

Even if you find yourself in trying times, seek to remember that your intuition brought you down this path, and it was not wrong.

And if you do run into some difficulty, it does not mean that your intuition is wrong.

Your intuition takes you on a path of your personal journey, and that can include times of trouble, recovery, and growth.

The Intuitive Mind Is A Sacred Gift And The Rational Mind Is A Faithful Servant. We Have Created A Society That Honors The Servant And Has Forgotten The Gift.

This quote from Albert Einstein observes the role that intuition plays relative to the mind.

The mind is merely a servant to your intuition, and it is your intuition that is the true gift.

Maybe society as a whole has largely forgotten this gift, but it doesn’t mean you have to. 

B*Tch You Better Listen – Sincerely, Your Intuition.

This is a stark, forceful reminder that your intuition can often send you very important messages relating to your very welfare that you simply must take heed to.

Otherwise, it could cost you. You could find yourself in real danger, or you could miss a fantastic opportunity.

Intuition and Psychic Quotes - Psychic Readings Guide

You Really Ain’t Gotta Explain Sh*T To A Highly Intuitive Person Because They Already Know.

When you’re practiced at listening to your intuition, there is less need for words.

Very often all communication needs is a smile here or a frown there, or sometimes just a certain kind of look. Intuition and empathy go together, hand in hand.

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Intuition Is One Of Our Greatest Gifts, Yet It’s The One We Question The Most

Your intuition is a wonderful gift that can guide you down the right path. But you must not ever question it.

If you question your intuition, you could risk falling into some kind of psychological trap, or you might miss a wonderful opportunity or encounter.

Trusting your intuition is key, and it will set you in the right direction provided you don’t stop and question it.

How Do You Develop Your Psychic Abilities? Well, To Begin With, Naturally, You Have To Want To And Believe That It Is Possible?

If you don’t believe that it’s possible to develop your psychic abilities, then you’ve effectively stopped before you’ve even started.

Developing your psychic abilities requires an open mindedness, and you simply have to trust that it will come with time and practice.

If You Just Develop Your Psychic Ability And Don’t Learn Psychic Self-Defense, You Become More Sensitive, Open, And Vulnerable.

When developing your psychic abilities, it’s important that you also learn psychic self-defense.

If you do not, you can become very vulnerable, and can be subjected to the whims of the spirits, or psychic vampires that will drain you emotionally (Also check out Energy Vampires: What To Do When They Are People You Love).

There Are A Lot Of Things In The World That Are A Lot Weirder Than Psychic Abilities, That We Accept As True.

We live in a strange world where you can do such things as send a photo to the other side of the world in a second, yet we sometimes strain to accept what our intuition is telling us, which should not be strange to us, but totally, unequivocally natural.

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Told You So – Sincerely, Your Intuition

Some of us have a tendency to ignore your intuition about something, and simply carry on as you were.

This could potentially lead you down the wrong path, and lead you to problems and issues that can be hard to deal with or bounce back from.

But hindsight is not a wonderful thing. And you can prevent such a thing happening by simply paying heed to your intuition and acting accordingly.

Always Trust Your Gut. Your Brain Can Be Fooled And Your Heart Is An Idiot. Your Gut Can’t Lie.

This quote speaks a real truth. Your brain can be tricked and manipulated, and your heart is often blind, but if you simply trust in your gut instincts, you won’t go far wrong.

Wrap Up

I hope that the quotes provided above will inspire you to trust in your intuition and to believe that you can develop your psychic abilities.

The more you lean in to your intuition, the more it will teach you about what’s right for you, and lead on your correct path in life.

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