How To Understand Your Aura, Its Color, And What It Means

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In spiritual practice, aura colors have significant meanings and interpretations, depending on hue, saturation, and brightness.

How To Understand Your Aura, Its Color, And What It Means

They are said to be a representation of different parts of our life, as well as our personality traits. They are sometimes even associated with past and present life experiences.

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This guide will outline twenty-five aura colors and their spiritual meanings. It will also answer any questions you have about your aura so you can understand yourself better and see if any of these aura meanings apply to you.

What Do Aura Colors Mean?

The color of an aura can represent several different aspects of your life. However, a color that is positive for one person might have a negative meaning for another. This is dependent on the alignment of your aura chakras

Below we’ll discuss each aura color and its meaning in detail, as well as what the variations of shades mean.


The color red is thought to be a solid and vivid aura color. It is associated with the root chakra that builds during our first seven years of life. It is representative of the physical realm, emotion, and stability.

Deep Red

A deep red aura indicates intense passion and emotion. Those with deep red auras are said to have strong instincts and powerful feelings.

Dull Red

A dull red aura can sometimes be symbolic of anger. It is where the passion of the red aura turns into angry emotions. This lighter shade represents that anger.


This color is associated with challenges, motivation, and courage. However, light and dark orange can have different meanings. An orange aura can also represent creativity, experience, and willingness to face challenges head-on.

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Light Orange

A light orange aura reflects the communication skills of the person wearing it. Those with this aura can communicate effectively and are excellent at expressing feelings.

They are also great at bringing new concepts to fruition and explaining these ideas well.

Dark Orange

A dark orange aura means that the wearer tends to be restless and looking for a new challenge. They are usually spontaneous and actively seeking adventure.

They are also natural fixers, always trying their hardest to find a solution when faced with a problem. Overall, a dark orange aura is symbolic of positivity and optimistic character traits.


A yellow aura can represent energy and optimism in all of its different shade variations. These are excellent personality traits to have, and those with this aura color are often cheerful and enjoyable to be around.

They are able to lighten the mood easily and are usually interested in intellectual pursuits. 

It is beneficial for those with yellow auras to enjoy the present moment rather than worry about it.

Bright Yellow

A bright yellow aura is associated with feelings of optimism and confidence and is said to be radiant on its wearer. People usually have this aura in a pleasant social environment.

However, a faint neon hue to the aura can indicate instability or chakra obstruction. 

The majority of the time, a person with a bright yellow aura has a strong sense of their own identity and individuality.

Dark Yellow

Dark yellow indicates that the wearer may need to take time away from the stresses in their life, such as work or studies. It can mean that the person is exhausted due to their heavy workload.

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It is usually seen in people who are trying to take in too much information and overload themselves with it. 

It can also represent a toxic relationship, where the person feels unappreciated by a friend, family member, or significant other. 

Lime Yellow

A lime yellow aura is linked to high energy over feelings of optimism. It denotes that the wearer is full of life, experiencing both fun and happiness in their life.

Others feel drawn to those with a lime yellow area because of their high motivation to complete a task efficiently.


A green aura signifies innovation and strong beginnings. It is an aura that shows that the wearer is well-rested and ready for something new.

The green aura draws in manifested energy, helping you find a new goal, or finish a current goal successfully. 

It also indicates good health and relates to healing power, so people who might need healing feel drawn to those with a green aura.

Light Green

People with a light green aura have innocent character traits and are said to be on the path to enlightenment. It is seen as a very spiritual combination. It signifies the freedom to choose your own path without force or resistance. 

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Those with a light green aura also possess great romantic communication skills and are able to comprehend everything they see. They are spreaders of love and harmony, many finding peace in their loving nature.

Forest Green

While forest green is a color mixed with black, it doesn’t always denote a negative aura. A forest green aura indicates that a green aura is being reflected on the outside while also being held within.

Those with a forest green aura strive for compassion and are actively seeking love from others, which can be negative but should also be seen as a positive.

It means that the individual has a desire to connect with others but may feel apprehensive about opening up and allowing someone to get close to them.


A blue area is indicative of expression and communication, however, different shades of blue can have different meanings – light blue, royal blue, and cyan blue all have different connotations.

Light Blue

A light blue aura likely indicates a peaceful and happy personality. It is often seen when the individual is honest and clear with others. It is also linked to calmness, peace, and clarity.

Royal Blue

A royal blue aura symbolizes sensitivity. It signifies a strong sense of intuition and empathy, meaning a good judgment of what’s right and wrong.

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The intuition that those with royal blue auras have also means that they have a strong connection to spirituality, and have the potential to tap into powerful psychic abilities.

Overall, this aura is worn by people who are generous, free-minded, and open, regardless of how spiritual they are.

Cyan Blue

A cyan blue aura signifies that the wearer has a relationship with immunity. These people are ideal for medical careers, adapting quickly to threats with an empathetic and caring personality.

They often have a positive effect on people through understanding and compassion.


Unlike other colors, the meaning of the purple aura doesn’t change when seen in different shades. It is an aura that is associated with our sixth sense.

It is linked to solid sensitivity and great mental power. Those with a purple aura have strong potential for psychic intuition

Purple is the color of your third-eye chakra, so it makes sense for a purple aura to be associated with this. It denotes the skilled use of mental, compassionate, and intuitive power, and it is among the best spiritual auras.


Indigo auras are unique in that they are present to push people who have creative vision and are compassionate to the people around them.

Wearers of an indigo aura know themselves well, which extends to others in their life. They are lovers, often wanting to help the world become a better place.

An indigo aura is also worn by those who are innovative, holy, and spontaneous. They have a strong spiritual understanding and are likely drawn to nature and animals. 


Those with pink auras are said to be selfless givers, offering help to others unconditionally.

Their generous spirit means that they expect nothing in return when giving to others, so they should be careful to surround themselves with people who won’t take advantage of them. 

Wearers of pink auras may also express a desire to retreat and shut off due to their open hearts. Hurting those with pink auras will affect you very strongly.

Furthermore, those with pink auras have a tendency to feel uneasy around gossip, and their sensitivity should be respected.


A brown aura shows more about what is wrong in the wearer’s life. They often let negative feelings and unattainable goals cause them harm.

A brown aura can be a result of feeling confused about life, seeing life as though it is pointless. Lack of direction is highly associated with a brown aura. This aura indicates that the wearer is in need of guidance and help.


Everyone has had a black aura at some point in their lives, and it certainly does not mean that the wearer has negative personality traits.

During bad experiences and obstacles, a black aura can arise. It signifies that the person wearing it is going through a difficult time in their life.

A black aura has diverse meanings, but it always means that hard work is needed to change the current situation. It signifies the need to shift perspective and change the way life is being lived. 


A white aura is one of the best auras a person can have. It is symbolic of content and simplicity. People with a white aura are great at leading their life with balance. They feel calm and at peace with their lives.

White auras are rare due to the unpredictable nature of life, both in positive and negative aspects. It is hard to obtain total serenity at all times, so white auras are unlikely to stay for extended periods of time.


A gray aura has both positive and negative meanings, as it is a combination of black and white. They can represent both serenity and hardship.

In summary, those with a gray aura are unbiased and compromising, however, they are also indecisive, apathetic, detached, and sometimes depressed.

What Color Is My Aura?

What Color Is My Aura

According to spiritual experts, there are several different ways to determine the color of our aura. It’s important to keep in mind that aura colors can represent multiple things in our life, so checking your aura regularly can help you understand yourself better.

To check the color of your aura, you first need to place yourself next to a white background in front of a mirror. First, begin to focus your attention on the center of your forehead.

Then, use your peripheral vision to look around the outside of your shoulders, making sure you don’t move your gaze.

Your aura will be the color that emits from between your shoulders and your head. You can also check the color of your aura by staring at your hands.

When doing this, you’ll notice the light on the outside of your hands. The color of this light is your aura.

Is My Aura Color Always The Same?

Aura colors have seven layers associated with an individual’s chakras. These colors can change throughout our lives depending on different situations. They can also change as energy shifts.

You can learn more about the meaning of your predominant aura color and how to cleanse it if you know which one it is. While you usually have one aura color, it is possible for you to have multiple colors at the same time.

These colors can change over time so it is recommended that you check your aura every four months to understand yourself better and to see if any cleansing efforts have worked.

What Are The Chakra Colors And Placements?

Each layer of your aura is said to correspond to a different chakra. These chakras are the different centers of energy within your body.

Some of these chakras may be more dominant than others, while some are less visible and harder to sense.

Here are all the different chakra placements and colors for you to refer to when discovering your aura color:

  • Red – This is the root layer, or physical layer, that may be sensed between your tailbone and pelvic bone.
  • Orange – This is the sacral layer that may be sensed below your naval.
  • Yellow – This is the emotional layer that may be sensed around your solar plexus, or the area below your ribcage and around the center of your stomach.
  • Green – This is the astral layer, or heart chakra, that may be sensed in or around your chest.
  • Blue – This is the spiritual layer, or throat chakra, that may be sensed at the base of your throat.
  • Indigo – This is the intuitional layer, or third eye, that may be sensed in the center of your forehead.
  • White – This is the absolute layer, or crown chakra, that may be sensed at the top of your head.

What Do The Chakra Layers Mean?

  • Physical – This layer may be drained while you awake and replenished while you rest. It is thought to be connected to your physical comforts and your five senses.
  • Sacral – Your waking self may use this layer frequently, as it is thought to be home to your reason and thought. It is used to work, study, and focus, as well as execute your beliefs and values. 
  • Emotional – Seen as a bridge between other layers, this layer connects your care for yourself to your care for others.
  • Astral – This layer is said to emit your sensitive nature and provides you with self-love.
  • Spiritual – This layer is where you may connect with others over spiritual matters. It allows you to grow and shine through teaching, sharing, and engaging with people on a spiritual level.
  • Intuitional – This layer is said to act as your third eye, helping you to your dreams and be aware of your instincts.
  • Absolute – Acting as a “net”, this aural layer keeps your other chakras confined and balanced so they work in harmony.

How Can I Cleanse My Aura?

It is possible to change and repair your aura through cleansing techniques. Methods that may help you cleanse your aura include:

  • Positive affirmations – Like cleaning your physical body in the shower to wash away dirt, you can also cleanse yourself with positive thoughts to wash away negative energy so you can focus on optimistic ideas.
  • Smudging – The ancient tradition of burning sage is used to clear rooms and people of negative energy.
  • Visualization – You can cleanse your aura by imagining yourself breathing in positive energy and exhaling negative energy. This can help you clean smudges or dark spots from your aural layers and manifest positivity.
  • Energy balancing – It may be helpful to seek out spiritual advisors that can find the source of your energy imbalances and work with you to even them out.
  • Meditation – Practicing meditation can help you focus on your emotional and mental state so you can repair your aura and make it more vibrant.

Does Everyone Have An Aura?

Does Everyone Have An Aura

Spiritual experts confirm that every living human being has an energy field around them. They also say that trees, flowers, and animals can also have an aura in many different colors.

While there are no scientific studies to prove that everyone has an aura, it is generally accepted by the spiritual community that energy fields are present in everyone.

It is thought that human energy fields are more complex than those of other living beings, due to the fact that we are more evolved.

How Do I See Others’ Aura?

Being able to see other people’s auras is very much dependent on the situation. While it’s possible to spend a considerable amount of time concentrating on perceiving your own aura, it is not always the case when it comes to others. 

We have very little control over other people’s personalities, however, some people do have a more noticeable aura than others. It may even be possible for you to sense other people’s auras before you can detect your own.

Which Auras Are Compatible?

Like astrological signs, some aura colors are more compatible with others, and can provide spiritual benefits for each other. Here is a compatibility breakdown of the different aura colors:

  • White – White auras align with any color but are susceptible to absorbing negative energy or emotions.
  • Black – Black auras benefit from the healing energy of yellow auras.
  • Gray – Red auras provide gray auras with guidance towards purpose and meaning.
  • Brown – Brown auras can have their heart opened by green auras.
  • Red – Green auras serve to help red auras manifest passions into reality, and vice versa.
  • Orange – Blue auras will help orange auras boost their positive energy.
  • Yellow – Yellow auras benefit from the inspiration and motivation purples auras provide, especially in artistic ventures.
  • Green – Purple auras help green auras feel more spiritually inclined.
  • Blue – Blue and pink auras help each other toward creative greatness.
  • Indigo – Indigo auras are helped by blue auras to feel more social and at one with nature.
  • Purple – Red auras help purple auras to understand mutual emotions.

What Are The Best Aura Colors?

While some color interpretations of auras can be subjective, several studies suggest that the best aura color to have is white.

This is because a white aura doesn’t have any shade variations, so the meaning is always constant. The associations with serenity, harmony, and simplicity are what make the white aura the best to many spiritual experts.

The yellow aura also has some of the best connotations because it has multiple shades with positive meanings. A bright yellow and lime yellow aura in particular is highly positive.

While the dark yellow aura does have some negative meanings, it is easy to cleanse and make vibrant. Overall, the yellow aura is a very positive one to have.

Finally, the blue aura is also widely considered to be one of the best auras for an individual to have. All shades of the blue aura hold positive meaning and motivate wearers through immunity and peace.

In Conclusion

Many spiritual advisors and aural health practitioners believe that the physical body is closely connected to the emotional and spiritual body – a person’s aura and its color are just one representation of this connection.

Understanding and detecting your aura can take time, but with some practice and focus on your spiritual health, you can find your aura and draw conclusions about yourself from its color.

Refer to this guide to analyze your aura and to find out everything you need to know about aura colors and what they mean.

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