How to Do a Tarot Reading for Someone Else Online: A 2022 Guide

With online meetings and communication becoming the norm in the post-pandemic world, one may wonder how to do a tarot reading for someone else online. An online tarot card reading could be with a client or just friends and family.

The primary technique is the same for both online and in-person readings. The only exception is that individuals can’t engage in shuffling in an online setting. However, this is generally an optional step, and a reading can be done without it. 

Plenty of automated tarot readings are available online, so pick the one you find best and most comfortable to use. Alternatively, you could simply use tarot decks in real-time while conducting a video reading.

Establishing Rapport

A tarot reader must be prepared to communicate. This means having an open mind as well as trusting one’s own instincts. Being able to perceive what someone is experiencing, thinking, or going through is where energy comes in.

Even during online readings, you would want to chat with the individual ahead of time to get a sense of what they’re working on. While video and audio readings are an option, choose video readings for maximum interactivity. You will better perceive the individual’s response, and the communication will be more personal.

Ensuring Transparency

How to Do a Tarot Reading for Someone Else Online A 2022 Guide

People have varied beliefs about what tarot is and what it can achieve. If you’re not a predictive reader, communicate that. Before you begin the reading, be clear on how you’ll be using the cards and what you’ll be doing.

Before you even pick up your cards, have a candid conversation about your own thoughts. If you get this thing out of the way first, you’re less likely to twist the cards to convey your views as if it’s a message for the cosmos, and there’s a separation between what you say and what the cards say. It’s all about trust and making sure both parties understand where the advice is coming from.

Performing Tarot Readings for Friends and Family

Risks of Reading to Friends and Family

When people start to read, friends and relatives are likely to be the only persons accessible to practice with. However, in such a scenario, bear in mind some factors that may affect the reading experience due to your familiarity and bond:

  • It is difficult to distinguish between your intuitive insights and your hopes/anxieties for that person. 
  • It is difficult to provide unpleasant news or harsh advice to a close friend or loved one.
  • It is difficult for individuals to separate the bad news from the messenger. 
  • It is difficult to open up to friends and family instead of strangers. 

Tips for Reading to Friends and Family

Set your intentions first before beginning the reading. Consider it a message to the universe about the type of reading you desire. Do you want the reading to focus on concerns that both you and the other person are prepared to address in this context? This can be said as a prayer or an affirmation, or it can be visualized.

Thinking about your aspirations and anxieties before completing the reading is also a good idea. Other than communicating these concerns, try forgetting who you’re reading for. That may be difficult, so focus your attention on the cards rather than the individual.

Regarding terrible news and harsh advice, consider informing the other person ahead of time.  Assure them that they can follow the reading’s suggestion or ignore it.

Performing Tarot Readings Strangers

Tarot cards reading

Choosing a Client

Of course, not everyone is a professional reader, nor do they aim to be. Hence, the best place for a newbie to begin practicing tarot readings is on themself. After all, you are the best judge of whether or not it is correct.

Once you have a grip on performing life readings for yourself, you can move on to others. The abilities and techniques you’ve previously honed for self-readings may be used to conduct tarot card readings for others.

When we first start, it is customary to only practice on individuals we know. However, picturing them as clients can greatly aid your preparation if you aim to be a professional tarot card reader. As a rule of thumb, it takes roughly 10 to 20 readings with people you know before you can give a stranger an online reading. 

Choosing a Setting

The location is critical. Even for online tarot readings, it is encouraged that the client and tarot reader should find a location where both parties feel extremely comfortable and spiritual. The space must be safe even virtually, especially when bigger groups are involved.  Moreover, you would want to ensure the process is as seamless as possible with minimal technical issues.

You should also choose the online tarot reading with care. Here are some free online tarot readings you can check out.

Keeping Things Interactive

Before the reading itself, you might ask them about their worries and why they want a tarot reading.

Talking about it can assist in creating a shared understanding in which the power of the tarot cards might manifest. Hence, remember to ask open-ended questions to facilitate the reflective process of psychic readings. Instead of reading the cards immediately away, observe how the person you’re reading responds to each card.

Doing the Reading

Follow the normal reading procedure. The distinction here is that this is a group effort rather than a solitary endeavor. Hence, for an interactive and accurate reading, discuss your intuitions as you read the cards, provide thoughts as they emerge, and urge the person you are reading to do the same.

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Gaining Experience

You should follow up after your reading to improve. Consider how the reading went, how the individual felt, and what you believe may be improved. The only way to improve your abilities as a tarot card reader is to read tarot cards on a regular basis and learn from each one. 

The Bottom Line

Whether performed online or in-person, it is considered an in-depth dialogue mediated just by the cards and their underlying meanings. However, before you give a reading to a stranger, make sure you learn how to do a tarot reading for someone else online by first practicing on your family or friends.

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