Frog Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

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Chances are, if you’re reading this article today, you had a dream about a frog last night and now you’re wondering what it means.

Frog Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

In order to understand your dream better, we need to look at the kind of frog you’ve been dreaming about, as well as the context of the dream. 

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Frogs have had a potent spiritual meaning for centuries. Infact, frogs have inhabited our earth for 200 million years, with scientists even finding a 40-million-year-old frog fossil in Antartica.

This has made them the subject of numerous folkloric interpretations for as long as humans have been around.

If you want to find more about the spiritual symbolism of the frog, and exactly what your dream means, take a look below as we delve into the topic. 

Frogs Or Toads? 

First of all, before we get into our guide, we need to establish whether what you were really dreaming about was a frog or a toad.

There are a few means of differentiating between these two amphibians.

Firstly, toads are technically a type of frog, however, they tend to live in drier climates, while frogs have to be near a water source to survive. 

Secondly, another means of differentiating is by thinking about the animal’s skin which appeared in your dream.

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If it was smooth, chances are you were dreaming about a frog. If it was scaly, however, it was probably a toad. Frogs also tend to have longer legs than toads.

An interesting fact that you might not know is that women tend to dream more about frogs, whilst men tend to have dreams about toads.

This might have something to do with women connecting frogs with finding their Prince Charming. 

Now that we’ve established the difference between frogs and toads, we can get on with our guide.

Don’t worry if it was actually a toad you were dreaming about though, we’ll take a look at those little creatures later too. 

A History Of Dream Analysis 

Dreams have been a source of interpretation for human beings for thousands and thousands of years.

This can be dated back to the ancient worlds of the Egyptians and the Babylonians, who believed that dreams held prophetic significance.

They thought that dreams could tell a person what their future held, and also warn them of potential dangers. 

Aristotle also spoke about dream interpretation and its significance in the human psyche.

He believed that dreams were puerly psychological, and could tell us more about our inner selves.

He said that dreams were the inner workings of our souls when we were asleep. 

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It was not until the groundbreaking work of Signmund Freud that dream interpretation was explored in depth.

He published his groundbreaking The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900, and revolutionized dream analysis.

In his analysis, he spoke about dreams being signifiers of our greatest desires, a form of wish fulfillment.

He also thought that dreams were a way that the subconscious mind dealt with issues that the conscious mind could not.

Therefore, if one was experiencing an issue or problem in their waking life, their dream was their subconscious’s way of working though it. 

The famous psychologist Carl Jung built on this theory proposed by Freud, and went even further, claiming that dreams were not really about repressed unconscious drives, but rather, expressions of human creativity and problem solving.

Since the work of Freud and Jung, dreams are often used in therapeutic models for those who are undertaking CBT therapy. 

Frog Dream Meanings

It is clear that dreams hold a great deal of significance for human beings, but with so many different meanings, it can be difficult to determine what your specific dream means.

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Below we take a look at frog dreams within a wealth of different contexts, to help you understand your psyche better. 

Generic Dreams About Frogs

If you’ve found yourself dreaming about these little critters but cant assign them to any specific or particular scenario, there are some generic meanings assigned to frog dreams out there that can help you to understand better. 

You will be pleased to find that, generally speaking, dreaming about frogs is a positive omen.

Because they are animals that have a spiritual association with fertility, transformation, rebirth, and luck, they usually appear to show that prosperity is coming your way, or love. 

The transformative nature of the frog from its journey to tadpole, to the fully formed creature that we see in our dreams, means that we too have the capacity to change and transform.

A frog appearing in a dream might mean that there is either something in your life that is currently shifting, or that something needs to be changed by you.

Frogs show us our inherent abilities to adapt to new situations and circumstances. 

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A Fearful Dream About A Frog

Frog Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

Of course, not everybody is the same, and some of us might harbour a fear of frogs. If this is the case, then dreaming about frogs might not be the most pleasant experience.

Those who may have had an early experience in childhood that caused them to fear frogs, might have this implanted in their memory.

The dream therefore may symbolize that there is something in their life that is causing them fear and trepidation. 

It could even mean that you want to overcome this fear of the creatures, if this is the case, your mind is trying to help expose you to your fear. 

Dreaming About A Frog In Your House 

Perhaps your dream took place in your house, and the frog was a visitor. This has extremely positive connotations, with the frog symbolizing luck, as we mentioned above.

Dreaming about a frog in your home means that you are going to manifest everything that you currently desire.

For example if you’ve been working hard to get a raise at work, it won’t be long until this pays off.

Or, maybe you’ve been embroiled in a toxic relationship that you’ve struggled to leave, seeing the frog in your dream means that you will finally gather the courage to leave.

Perhaps you’ve been working hard to save money to buy a new car for yourself, as the one you have now keeps breaking down, the frog dream means that your wish will be fulfilled very soon. 

As you can gather, the frog appearning in your house means that you yourself are undergoing a period of evolution.

You are beginning to make positive changes in your life and your hard work is finally being rewarded. 

If you dream of the opposite, however, and you’re trying to get the frog out of your home, this could have negative connotations.

By removing the frog from your home, it means that you are going to encounter some obstacles on your way to happiness.

It symbolizes that you are trying to remove negative energy present in your life, but struggling to do so. 

If there are several frogs in your home, this dream symbolizes that there are lots of people in your life that may not necessarily be the most positive influences.

They might be making you feel overwhelmed, and it is a sign that you should take care of who you decide to keep company with. 

If the frog appeared on your doorstep, rather than in your actual house (You might also want to check out Hotel Dreams And Their Meanings), this might mean that you might receive some unsolicited visits from people.

Maybe there is an unwanted person trying to make a reapperance in your life, this is a sign to address that situation. 

If the frog croaks in your house, this is a positive sign, as the frog is conveying a message that good news is coming your way. 

Dreaming About A Huge Frog

If the frog that appeared in your dream was oversized and gigantic in nature, this might mean that you keep blaming yourself for past mistakes.

Maybe you’ve been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and don’t feel like you can catch a break. 

Those who dream about giant frogs often harbour a lot of guilt, and its eating them up inside.

If you are being chased by the frog in your dream, this means that you are being hunted down by your own guilt and fear.

You need to work on letting go of these negative thoughts and emotions in your day to day life. Everybody makes mistakes and that’s okay. 

Another variation of the giant frog dream, is that the creature is symbolic of certain people in your life who are dependent on you.

You might be struggling to carry their baggage. By dreaming of the giant frog in this context, it is a sign that you should stop bearing the burden of other peoples problems. 

Dreaming About A Frog Bite

Maybe the frog in your dream was not the friendliest creature, and bit you. If this happens, it might mean that you are currently facing a situation that you feel ill prepared to handle.

Perhaps this could mean that you have found yourself in a competitive environment with other people, and you’re feeling the pressure of this.

This could very well be a sign that some of those around you may not be wholly trustworthy, and you should be careful of backstabbers that might want to steal your spot in the limelight. 

Dreaming About Tadpoles

Maybe your dream wasn’t actually about the fully formed creatures themselves, but them at their earlier stages as tadpoles.

This has a highly positive meaning, signifying that there is an area of your life that is undergoing a positive change.

Like we mentioned earlier, frogs have a spiritual meaning of metamorphosis and change, therefore, dreaming about frogs in the different stages of their life cycle means that you yourself are growing and evolving.

This is even more significant if in your dream, you actually got to witness the life cycle and transformation of the frog, as you will soon witness your own transformation too. 

Dreaming About A Talking Frog

Frog Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

Dreaming about an anthropormorphic frog usually means that there is somebody in your life that wants to give you advice or information, and you need to listen to them.

The frog, being a symbol of positivity and luck, means that there is a kind hearted person in your life who has been trying to help you, but that you’ve not been listening to.

Take this dream as an indication that you need to pay attention and listen to your loved ones. They have your best interests at heart. 

Dreaming About A Jumping Frog 

This is quite a common one amongst people who dream about frogs. After all, one of the things that we associate with frogs the most is their signature hop.

If you’ve dreamt about a frog jumping, it may symbolize some of the problems that you are facing in your life currently. 

Perhaps there are multiple frogs jumping on you, this signifies that you are feeling overwhelmed by the people in you life who are trying to take advantage of your kind heart.

If this is the case, this dream warns you to be more picky about the people you choose to have around you.

Maybe it’s a sign that you are too open hearted, and that you need to be careful about who you trust. 

The jumping frog dream also has an alternative meaning that is also trying to teach you an important lesson.

Maybe somebody is forcing you into a situation that you would not otherwise be comfortable entering.

The frog jumping may demonstrate that you are being coerced by somebody, and that you’re finding it very difficult to stand up to them and tell them “no”.

This might be out of a fear of them abandoning you. 

If the frog jumps very high in your dream, or appears to almost be flying, this could indicate that you are making headway towards your dreams and aspirations.

These goals that you’ve set yourself have an incredibly high probability of coming into fruition.

Somewhere along on your journey of achieving this dream, you will reach a new state of awareness, where you will encounter a major change.

This change will completely alter your perception of things, and you will view life in a different light. 

If the frog that you saw jumping in the dream was not jumping on you specifically, but rather, jumping around you, this could mean that you are experiencing a lack of commitment in achieving your goals.

Perhaps you have lots of dreams and aspirations, but you have a hard time sticking to them and focusing on making them happen.

This tells you that you need to be more focused on your goals in order to achieve anything. 

Like the frog, mindlessly hopping from place to place, you too have been fickle with your aspirations.

Perhaps you are too easily distracted by petty matters that hold little to no significance. You need to find something that you love, and stick to it.

This is the only way to achieve any type of success. 

Dreaming About A Dead Frog 

Dreaming about dead animals in your dreams can be a negative sign in general, it can also be highly disturbing for the person experiencing the dream.

Dreaming about dead animals can often be interpreted in a highly literal sense.

Perhaps you yourself have undergone a tragedy in your life where a loved one has passed away, and you’re struggling with the permenancy of the situation.

It could even mean that you yourself have a fear of death and have a lot of anxiety surrounding the topic. 

Dreaming about a dead frog specifically usually means that you are somehow stuck in a vicious cycle that isn’t helping you to grow as a person.

Like we mentioned before, frogs are symbolic of personal growth, but if you see a dead frog, this could imply a sense of stagnancy in your personal life.

 Maybe you are sick of the monotony of your life at the moment and are desperate for something new and exciting.

Dreaming of a dead frog means that you need to take a step out of your comfort zone, and address whatever has been holding you back up until now.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to join a new social club after moving to a different city, but have been too afraid to take the plunge, or maybe you’ve had feelings for somebody for a long while that you’ve been to afraid to share.

This dream is a sign that you need to finally make things happen. 

Finally, this dream could also indicate that you’re experiencing a financial crisis.

Maybe a job is coming to an end and you’re fearful about what your next source of income will be.

Don’t panic, this dream is simply a sign that you need to address and asses the situation. 

Dreaming About Frogs Laying Eggs 

Perhaps you are your partner have been trying to conceive? This dream about frogs laying eggs, although unusual, indicates that you’re thinking about parenthood.

A very good omen in terms of dream interpretation, it signifies abundance, happiness and productivity.

Some pregnant mothers might dream about frogs laying eggs, symbolizing that they are eager to be a parent.

Sometimes, this dream can also signify that your children who have already been born are happy. 

Dreaming About A Pregnant Frog 

Frog Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

Although it might seem like this is an indication that you yourself are pregnant and are having dreams about the experience, the meaning behind this dream is actually far less literal.

Those who dream about pregnant frogs are often not pregnant or trying to conceive themselves.

This dream actually signifies that you have a lot of potential that you are failing to recognize in yourself.

It tells you that you need to start employing all of those fantastic skills that you have to achieve great things. 

Perhaps this is a sign that you are actually wasting your potential, and have been lazy and complacent recently.

If you have been thinking about doing something new, or have a goal in mind that you want to reach, this dream tells you to go for it.

You have all the necessary requirements to make it happen. 

Dreaming Of A Frog Transforming Into A Prince

Maybe you’ve had a dream about a frog turning into a Prince before your eyes.

This however does not actually contain the same meaning as the happy ever after in the fairytale story that we’re all familiar with.

In fact, this dream warns you that somebody is soon going to request something from you, probably a loan.

This dream warns you about the situation, and gives you a chance to think about before it happens. 

Dreaming About Frog Legs

No, you’re not dreaming about frogs legs because you’ve recently tried the popular French cuisine.

In actual fact, dreaming about frogs legs means that there is something in your work life and environment that is slightly awry.

This dream tells you to pay particular attention to this aspect of your life. 

Perhaps there is somebody at work who is drawing attention away from your achievements, or even taking the credit for themselves and undercutting all your hard work.

This dream tells you to have faith and to pay attention to your own capabilities, and to take control of the situation.

If you are being treated unfairly, you need to address the situation and make a change. Don’t let anybody take away your sparkle. 

Dreaming About Eating A Frog

Although it may seem strange at first, dreaming about eating a frog is actually a positive thing.

It means that you are currently enjoying a comfortable, secure, peaceful, and successful life. There is abundance everywhere. 

If on the other hand, in the dream you actually feel stifled by the frogs presence in your mouth, and it’s making it difficult for you to breathe, this could mean that your thoughts and opinions are being shut down by others.

It could also signify that you yourself are preventing the truth from being spoken. You might be forcing yourself to say things which are against your core beliefs.

It shows that rather than influencing others, you are the one being influenced.

This is a sign to start voicing your own beliefs and morals, and not to just fall in with the crowd. By being more courageous, you will feel happier within yourself. 

Dreaming About A Snake Eating A Frog

This vivid dream usually means that there is a lot of conflict in your life at the moment.

It could mean that you and a friend might be butting heads, and that an argument is soon to follow.

This particular argument though, is not cathartic in nature, and will on the contrary lead to an unpleasant situation.

This is your warning to avoid any arguments in the coming days and weeks, as they can only lead to bad things.

Instead, try to resolve things in a positive and controlled manner. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this dream can also be a positive omen.

There could be some serious financial gains for you on the horizon, so take care to be on the lookout for this.

By moving forward in the right direction, you could end up in a very lucrative position. 

Dreaming Of A Poisonous Frog 

If the frog that you’ve witnessed in your dreams is a venomous one, it is pretty self explanatory that this is not a good sign.

It is a warning sign that all may not be as it really seems in your current situation.

You might be living very happily at the moment, but this might be because you’re actively choosing to ignore some pretty harmful situations.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to pay attention to things more, in order to save yourself from any unpleasantness. 

This unpleasantness could potentially manifest if you are not careful, and try to sort out any situation that could be chaotic.

Perhaps you have currently moved into a new relationship with somebody, and at the moment you are attempting to bask in the bliss of that situation.

This may, however, come at the risk of ignoring some of the persons negative traits, that could prove to be detrimental to your relationship in the future. 

Dreaming Of A Frog Attacking You

Frog Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

Maybe you’ve had a really unpleasant dream about an unruly frog making an attack on you.

The frog that attacks you might be unusally frightening or all emcompassing in nature. If this happens, it means that there is an imbalance in your life.

This might be caused by you having to enter into a situation by force that you would not otherwise choose.

This tells you that you need to take charge of the situation, and to stop putting yourself in unwanted positions. 

Although there is the obvious negative connotation associated with a frog attacking you, there is also another meaning which can be seen as fairly neutral.

The frog might not actually symbolize you yourself, but rather, somebody around you who is struggling to admit how they really feel about you because of either anxiety or intimacy issues. 

Frog Color Dream Interpretations

Very often in life, the colors that we associate with are strong indicators of our mood and how we feel about others.

Yellow signifying happiness, pink signifying love, and red indication danger – There are lots of different ways to interpret color.

If the frog in your dream was associated with a particular color, this could actually tell you more about the nature of you dream.

Below we take a look at some of the different colors associated with frog dreams, and what they mean. 

A Green Frog

Is the frog that you dreamt of green? Probably the most common color associated with the frog, green is a color conveying positive emotions.

If the frog from you dreams is green, this could mean that you are a place in your life where you are reaching a state of harmony and connectedness with everything around you.

It is also a positive comment about you and how you may have handled a particular situation recently. 

A Black Frog

Maybe you dreamt of a black frog and are wondering what this means. Dreaming of a frog that is black shows that you may have recently experienced some losses in life.

These might not only be losses from people who have recently passed away, but also could mean losses of friendship or finances.

It could very well be a positive sign that you have witnessed a black frog in your dream.

It could show that although you have experienced difficult times related to these losses, you have overcome them and moved on with your life. 

On the other hand, a black frog can also mean that you are hiding your feelings from other people.

Maybe you are hiding your true emotions because you have been hurt in the past by somebody, and you are afraid that this will happen again.

The black frog tells you to try and open yourself up to love again. 

A Gold Frog

Gold is a color we often associate with money, and in this context it is no different.

Many people who have seen a golden frog in their dream can probably expect to see some fantastic financial gains in the future.

As well as this, the gold frog might also show that you can find a happy future even after you have experienced pain.

By choosing the right outlook, you can make your future bright. 

A Pink Frog 

A color very strongly associated with love, the pink frog tells you that you must listen to you heart.

This dream tells you that you need to trust yourself and your own gut instincts, by doing so, you will create a positive future for yourself.

Maybe you’ve ignored your instincts in the past, the pink frog is telling you to learn from this and trust your own heart. 

A Blue Frog

A blue frog might appear in somebody’s dream if they have been through a difficult time of emotional or physical turmoil.

Blue is not only the color of calmn and serentity, but also the color associated with healing.

This shows you that you are on the path to healing from whatever has been hurting you. The blue frog assures you that everything really will be okay. 

A Red Frog

A red frog making an appearance in your dreams could signify that you are feeling extremely passionate about something at the moment.

It could also mean that you might be about to undergo some positive transformations that will help you to grow as a human being. 

A White Frog 

A white frog is said to bring good fortune. This is because white is a color commonly associated with purity and good luck.

Be happy because good things are coming your way. 

A Yellow Frog

Frog Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

Maybe a yellow frog appeared in your dreams last night. If that is the case then you can expect good things to happen.

There might be a potential difficult situation on the horizon for you, but don’t worry at all, because ultimately this will have a very positive outcome. 

What Do Frog Dreams Mean In Different Religions?

Now that we’ve covered some different interpretations of frog dreams relating to both color and context, let’s move on to talk about how frog dreams are interpreted in different religions and cultures.

These can also help you find a better understanding of what your frog dream is symbolic of. 

Islamic Frog Dream Interpretation

In Islam, if one has a dream about a frog, this signifies a stong connection with God.

If you are an incredibly devout person, and spend a lot of time trying to build a connection with God, then chances are that you’re doing a great job, and that this is being recognized by the divine.

The more vivid that your dream was, the better the connection. 

If you see many frogs in your dream, then this could signify that you are on the journey to healing.

This could mean healing from God after you have been seeking guidance about a particular situation. 

Seeing a frog in your dream could also mean that you are a person who radiates goodness and light, and tries to spead positivity wherever you go.

The frog dream reflects this, and tells you that you are respected by both your family and wider community. 

In Islam, if you eat a frog in your dream, this means that you are going to gain a position of authority in some capacity. 

Christian Frog Dream Interpretation

Christianity has a few different variations of frog dream interpretations. Frog’s are actually only mentioned twice in the Bible.

Both of these associate the frog as an omen of bad fortune. The frog is said to be an “unclean spirit”, that is a false prophet. 

This could mean that, in Christian terms, you may be harbouring some negative energy, or unclean spirits.

It could mean that you are under attack from evil spirits or witches who seek to cause chaos through supernatural powers. 

Hinduism Frog Interpretation

In Hindusim, like Islam, frogs have a very positive meaning. Hindus believe that the creator Brahma has created everyone to fulfull a meaningful purpose whilst on earth.

Frog dreams, because they are associated with prosperity, good fortune, and wellness, are indicators that you’re on the right path to leading a good and fulfilling life. 

In addition to this, some people of the Hindu faith believe that frogs are a sign of reincarnation, which is an important belief within the faith.

This therefore means that the dreamer is being protected by their ancestors. 

Occult Frog Interpretation 

For practitioners of the occult, they may believe that a dream about a frog symbolizes witchcraft and magical practice.

There are a few different scenarios that practitioners of the occult believe to be significant.

The first is if you witness a frog strongly associated with the element of water, which means that you will soon gain profits from your ventures. 

Secondly, if you witness a frog that is leaving town, this means that your life will soon be in a space of calm and tranquility.

Your prayers have finally been answered, and the frog tells you that you can expect victory over enemies who have been trying to bring you down. 

In addition to this, if you have many frogs appearing in your dreams, then this means that you are extremely devoted to those around you and practice loyalty with you friends and loved ones. 

Finally, if you hear a frog croaking in your dream, this denotes death. 

What If I Dream About A Toad Instead Of A Frog? 

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the guide, frogs and toads are often thought of interchangeably even though they are different creatures.

If you have a dream about a toad, this can have a few different meanings. 

Dreams about toads can convey productivity and fertility. Maybe there is a part of yourself that you’ve been reluctant to express, the toad tells you to be true to yourself and do what you love. 

If the toad is leaping in your dreams, this may mean that there are certain tasks that you have yet to fulfill, so give these some attention and don’t leave any loose ties. 

Finally, dreaming about touching a toad means that a task that you’ve been working on is almost complete. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many different interpretations about frog dreams in existence that you’re sure to find some help to figure out what yours means.

By thinking about the context, color, and religious viewpoints surrounding frog dreams, there is plenty of information to help you to understand yourself better. 

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