Finding The Best Psychic Medium – 9 Easy Tips

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After weeks, months or even years of considering it – you’ve finally decided to seek out a psychic medium to help you get into contact with a loved one once again, or maybe to get a sense of your own spiritual past, present and future. 

Whatever the reason you’ve decided to take the plunge, you might be stuck in your search. Finding psychic mediums isn’t as easy as some people may believe. 

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Finding The Best Psychic Medium - 9 Easy Tips

There is actually an obvious reason for this – not everyone is a psychic medium.

However, there are plenty of people out there who call themselves a psychic medium who do have the abilities required, and are simply out for your money. 

As a result, you will need some easy tips for finding the best psychic medium for you. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. 

Read our comprehensive guide below for some easy tips to find a psychic medium that is best for you. 

1. Know The Difference 

The first tip we can give you is to understand the differences between the terms when it comes to psychic mediums. You may have seen some people calling themselves mediums, psychics, spiritual mediums etc. 

Without going into too much detail, the easiest way you can know the difference is that all mediums are psychic, whereas not all psychics are mediums. 

This is very important to know because it will play a role in why you are looking for these services to begin with, but also it will help you realize if someone is a fraud or not through the practices they conduct with you.

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We’ll look into this in more detail with some of our other tips. However, for now – remember that you should always clear up the titles and what they mean before you go out there and hire someone for help. 

2. Decide What You’re Looking For 

This links onto our previous point but it is very important. What exactly are you looking for when it comes to these services? 

If you’re looking to gain contact with a person in your life that you have lost, you will need to speak with a medium. 

A psychic will not be able to help you with this as they can gather information about you, rather than tapping into the spiritual energy surrounding you – like a deceased loved one.

3. Ask For Recommendations 

Much like any other service such as repair person or even a restaurant, one of the most sure-fire ways not to get stung by scrupulous or poor services is by asking for recommendations from people that have previously used them. 

There are many people out there who claim to be psychic mediums, but there are few out there that will be providing the service that you’re looking for. 

4. Check Out Their Reviews 

If you’re looking online for your psychic medium, you may notice if they have reviews from previous clients or not.

If they have none, it’s best to completely avoid them unless you have had a recommendation or other cause to use them. 

Conversely, psychic mediums with highly acclaimed reviews will be something to think about. 

5. Beware Of False Promises 

Beware Of False Promises 

This goes back to the age old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. If a psychic medium is claiming to be able to do some outrageous things, they may well be frauds. 

Most psychic mediums rely on their own skills and will not make you a promise they feel that they cannot keep. As a result – always be wary of superfluous claims and promises. 

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6. Do Your Research For The Price 

Whether you’re seeking out a psychic medium online, in person or over the phone – they will likely be asking for remuneration, although some do not. 

You’re always advised to look at the average cost for these services. If a supposed psychic medium is wildly undercutting the market, they’re likely to be fraudulent. 

On the flip side of this, if they are asking for a crazy amount of money – this might also be a red flag. 

There is an additional point to be made here with their services. Check how they would like to be paid and if they are based in a stable place. In other words, do not pay cash for a pop-up tent with no guarantees.

7. Be Aware Of Religious Concerns 

This is a point both for you and the psychic medium.

Many psychic mediums work within a multitude of faiths, but you may belong to a religious group that looks down upon accessing these services, or they may be uncomfortable with it. 

Whatever the situation may be, it’s always best to ask and clear up this situation if it is applicable to you. 

8. Go With Friends To A Reading 

There is one great tip that many people have found useful when it comes to finding their perfect psychic medium, and that is going with friends for support but also understanding how the practice operates. 

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It’s important that this psychic medium you attend is an established one because you will be able to ask multiple questions and know what is expected for your next reading. 

9. Assess How The Reading Feels 

Assess How The Reading Feels 

This sort of fits into our original tip, but also with many others. It’s critical that you understand how a reading is meant to go. 

This will come into your previous research and possibly your reading with your friend, as mentioned in the previous tip. 

The reason for this is because you will almost always be able to tell if the psychic medium is genuine or not. First, they will not ask for too much information from you. 

So many frauds out there will use a technique known as “cold reading”, where they will have a general idea of what you’re looking for and then tap into that, allowing you to fill in the blanks. 

This makes many appear genuine but are not. Next, psychic mediums will not tell you that you’re going to die, or tell you of a great tragedy about to befall you. If they do, it’s best that you leave that session. 

Additionally, it’s important to note that genuine psychic mediums may not always be able to complete a reading.

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If this happens, they will tell you the situation and ask you if you’d like the session to stop, if you’d like to return another time etc. 

They will never try to bluff you with false information or ambiguous statements. If this is occurring during your session, you are likely in the presence of a fraud. 

How Do I Prepare For A Reading?

If you’ve decided on your psychic medium, you will want to get yourself prepared. We mean this both mentally and physically. 

One of the things to remember is, try not to go into a reading with a specific “answer” or something you want to hear from the psychic medium.

You may leave disappointed or may inadvertently give a fraud something to use. 

You should also try to go in with a completely open mind. Many times, people have accessed the services of a psychic medium and have left thinking negative thoughts or feel they have had a negative experience.

This is not always the case and is not always the fault of the medium themselves. If you go into a reading with the intention of not believing a word they say – you will not benefit from the session whatsoever. 

To settle yourself before a reading, it’s a good idea to plan things in advance. For example, many people prefer evening readings, whereas others prefer afternoon readings or morning readings. 

If you can choose your own time, try to plan with the reading in mind. Many people have previously decided to perform yoga before their reading for example – which can help them focus their thoughts to spirituality. 

On a more practical side, it’s important that you eat and drink in good time before the reading.

Some sessions may go on for a while and you want to be comfortable during your time with the medium

Finally, it’s always a good idea to have a friend or family member nearby – such as outside waiting on you, or with you during the reading, if the medium allows this. 

Not only will this give you a second opinion, but it can also help your friends or family in their journey for these services, and also be there if things get too emotional for you. 

The Bottom Line 

Psychic mediums are not always easy to find. Due to the number of fraudulent services, incorrectly chosen services and even impractical choices – it can be simple to fall into a trap. 

Following our handy guide above, you will increase your chances of accessing the best and most genuine psychic mediums available.

Good luck!

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