Fascinating Facts About Physical Mediumship

Spiritualism has been shown to be powered by mediumship. It is what distinguishes it from other religions, keeps it subjective and relevant, and validates our teachings. 

As a result, physical mediumship is a religious philosophy founded on evidence instead of a religious faith founded on tradition.

Fascinating Facts About Physical Mediumship

This article will discuss some fascinating facts about physical mediumship.

What Is Physical Mediumship?

Physical mediumship is a phenomenon in which spirit life forms modify the energy of a medium to create spirit manifestations. 

Furthermore, Physical Mediums demonstrate spirit contact through a variety of physical events. Finally, a Physical Medium is said to have provided definitive proof of an afterlife via external manifestations of spirits.

Here are eight fascinating facts about it that you should be aware of:

1. It Stems From Our Fundamental Spiritual Nature

We have mystical senses because we are sentient beings residing in physical bodies, even though few others are conscious of these latent powers. 

Some people use them so innately that they are shocked to learn that not everyone does.

Others come across them when they are forced to be alone, such as during a childhood disease or when they have become secluded by their peers for whatever reason.

These powers can also be discovered through prayer and meditation in consciousness or development circles. Of course, most people never find them. Because of their rarity, ‘gifted’ mediums are special people.

2. The Threefold Mission Of Mediumship

• To demonstrate the survival of human souls after physical death. This is accomplished by providing strong evidence of the communicator’s identity.

Names, along with details such as career, connection to the sitter, interests, age, cause of passing, and so on.

• To provide solace. This is frequently stated in the spirit communicator’s message. The church’s healing ministry will also play a role here.

A good medium, on the other hand, does not predict the future and will not inform a sitter when he or she believed the sitter was just about to enter spirit life.

• To cause a spiritual awakening in the person receiving the message.

Once the reality of spirit life is established, the implications for how we should live our lives here should be clear – not in the sense of three score and ten years, but in the context of eternity.

Spiritualism complements its unique offering with a rational philosophy.

3. It Can Be Either Physical Or Mental

Physical mediumship, though now rare, creates occurrences which can be made visible, noticed, or touched by everyone present.  

Mental mediumship is the gathering of information by mediums and relaying it to the individual with whom the spiritual communicator wishes to communicate.

4. Trance Communication

Trance is a form of mediumship as well as an altered level of consciousness in which the medium will be less aware of his or her surroundings, or even (infrequently) completely unaware.

One of multiple things can happen from here:

Trance Communication

Initially, the subconscious mind assumes charge, creating an ancillary personality, or legitimate spirit intelligence can communicate through the medium. 

The only way to tell is by the value of the instruction, which can only be obtained through experience. This form of mediumship was responsible for several of our greatest teachings.

5. Psychic Mediumship Is Not Divination

Mediumship is frequently confused with divination techniques such as fortune telling, numerology, tarot cards, crystal gazing, and so on.

The distinction is that, unlike other message-based activities, mediumship is founded on contact with spirit. 

Seeking divine guidance is a type of message addiction (You might also want to check out Psychic Dependency).

The best way to solve life’s problems is not to entrust them to a palm reader, but to discover the philosophy that was sent by someone in spirit, particularly about personal responsibility.

6. Mediumship Has No Ethical Implications

Despite the fact that many saints were mediums, psychic mediumship is not a sign of divinity or saintliness. It’s just a unique characteristic of certain people’s minds. 

Mediums, regardless of their ability, are no superior than the remainder of us. Spiritualists develop mediumship in a spiritual manner because it could be used for good or evil.

7. Biblical Precedents Exist For Mediumship

Even though the contemporary Spiritualist movement began in 1848, psychic mediumship was always the means by which humanity has received revelation.

All faiths begin when a human being is approached by a spirit messenger, also known as an angel.

The spirit locates somebody with a mediumistic ‘quirk’ and brings to our world a more enhanced and modern inclination on the universal message. 

In fact, mediumship is as crucial to ideology as it would be to Spiritualism, and it has biblical precedents.

However, because mediumship contests the jurisdiction of a priest, its heritage is obscured. Every mystery in the Bible can be explained by mediumship.

8. Spirit Teachings And Mediumship

Those that are in spirit existence who appear to teach us are only determined to prove that they still exist. It is significant to us because it addresses the fundamentals of our beliefs as Spiritualists.

However, the purpose of spirit is to spiritually revitalise humanity. 

We may well rediscover those incredible types of mediumship from Spiritualism’s early history once we move further than messages and harmonise ourselves behind that purpose. 

Since the ancient revelations were revealed, much has been unearthed in the world, and we now have the ability to comprehend more advanced truths.

Mediumship’s – and Spiritualism’s – highest purpose is to deliver that message to humanity.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to become obsessed with mediumship. It is a natural gift that is subject to the rules and limitations that we do not fully comprehend. As a result, it’s critical to put everything through the logic test. 

You must never place a psychic elaboration on an event if a normal interpretation fits the facts. 

In other terms, keep your feet securely planted on the ground while remaining open to a variety of possibilities.

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