Dreaming Of Poop – What Could That Mean For You?

It may sound gross, however dreaming of poop is a really common occurrence that no one really talks about.

Dream analysts have looked into what dreaming of poop means, and they have determined that it is associated with coming into a lot of unexpected wealth and riches. 

Dreaming of Poop - What Could That Mean For You

However, dreaming of poop can also be representing the negative feelings and emotional baggage that you are holding onto that you need to throw away.

There are various different dreams revolving around poop, and they have all their own meanings. It may be surprising, but dreaming of poop can have many meanings.

In this article, we will be discussing all the possible meanings behind dreaming about poop and what that could mean for you.

What Does It Mean If You Are Dreaming Of Poop?

Dreaming about poop may not be the most pleasant thing to think about. However, there are positives to be drawn out from dreaming about poop.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, as in fact, dreaming of poop is a lot more common than you may think. It’s just that no one likes to admit that they have been dreaming about it. 

Interpreting what your dream may mean will differ depending on the person, the setting of the dream and other elements that are in the dream as well.

Yet, overall dreams of poop can mean unexpected wins  and success with riches or psychological emotional damage.

It can mean that you need to cleanse your body of toxic people and unhealthy behavior and obsessions so that you can be overall much happier. 

Below, we have given you a quick overview of what dreaming of poop can mean. 

Unexpected Success And Wealth

The most common interpretation of poop dreams is that they are associated with positive gins. With that being said, you will have to put in the time and effort, but the gains will be worth it in the end. 

In addition, you may have already put the time and effort in and not expected any rewards from it. Then you may suddenly get an unexpected reward for your hard work.

This type of dream is telling you that if you do good and work hard, then you will reap the benefits. Although, this kind of dream may be referring to a fortune that you are about to receive.


The majority of poop dreams all surround money and material gains. It could mean that you may soon stumble across a lot of money. 

Yet on the flip side, poop isn’t very nice to look at. Therefore, the unpleasant appearance of the poop in your dream could be referring to money that you may have gained through illegal or dirty channels. 

Overall, if you aren’t happy about your money, or may soon come into more money. Then dreaming of poop is a good sign. 


Sometimes seeing poop in your dreams is a sign that you are stubborn yet strong-willed. It could be saying that you are the kind of person that only trusts themselves and no one else.

Thus, it doesn’t matter if you are given lots of guidance and advice, you stick to what you know. So, you will  do whatever you want, even if it goes against the norms.


As mentioned above, the majority of dreams surrounding poop means wealth and money. However, sometimes these dreams can be a sign of sickness. This could be a simple sickness such as a cold or a more serious illness that’s on its way. 

Negative Obsessions And Habits

Sometimes poop dreams are highlighting and negative and unhealthy obsessions and habits that you need to let go off. This could be any kind of negative and unhealthy habit such as impulsive shopping, smoking or gambling. 

Your poop dream may then lead you to those unhealthy habits. In addition, it could be a sign that you thought you were concealing these negative habits, but this dream is telling you that everyone can see what you have been doing. 

Feeling Blocked 

Occasionally, you may have a dream about trying to pass a hard stool, or even being constipated. There’s no denying that this is an odd dream to have.

Although, it could be a sign that you may be or feel obstructed and clogged up. There may be some hurdles in your way at the moment, that is stopping you from reaching your desired end goal. 


Sigmund Freud concluded that when you dream of poop, this is due to depression and anxiety you may be going through.

The dream represents the past few days or weeks, etc., that have been quite challenging for you. Now you are tired and mentally exhausted. 


In addition to that, Freud has also connected poop dreams with jealousy. This isn’t a common interpretation, but sometimes it does occur. Pooping yourself could be a sign that jealousy is creating conflict and causing a divide between two people. 

Different Types Of Poop Dreams And Their Meanings

There are lots of different poop dreams you can have, and they all have their own different meanings. 

Pile Of Poop Dreams

If you happen to dream of a pile of poop, then this is a clear sign that unexpected wealth and riches are on their way to you. Thus, you may soon start to benefit from the rewards of all your hard work. Progress and success are on their way to you. 

Fresh Poop Dreams

Dreaming of fresh poop is suggesting that you are in a good place in your life. Your life, including your relationships and career, is all how you want them to be. Therefore, there is nothing that you want or need to change right now. 

Dried Poop In Your Dreams

Dried poop is pointing you to the change that you are craving for in your life. Change that will help your life become better and much happier. 

Smelling Stinky Poop Dream

You may not always see it, but you may smell the odor of poop in your dreams. The smelling of poop is suggesting that a new opportunity may be coming up for you, but you just haven’t noticed it yet. 

Although, it is difficult to know whether this is a good opportunity for you. Therefore, you need to trust your intuition, and if you think this is a dodgy opportunity, then you must let it go.

Although, don’t let it pass straight away because first appearances may be deceiving. 

Seeing Someone Else Poop 

If you happen to see someone else poop in your dream, then this is your conscience saying that you have done something wrong.

If you have taken advantage of someone else when they were struggling, then this dream is telling you that you took part in a shameful act. 

You Are Pooping In Your Own Dream

Compared to seeing someone else pooping in a dream, if you happen to see yourself pooping, then it suggests you are brainstorming.

It could mean that you have put together your thoughts and ideas and created something really special. Therefore, more opportunities will come your way. 

Although, these opportunities aren’t visible to you yet. Instead, there is a chance you will find them, while they are disguised as something else. As a result, you can’t just judge things at face value, and you need to look deeper. 

Although, seeing yourself pooping could hint that you are cleaning your body. Thus, you are letting go of any negative feelings and thoughts that were holding you back. 

Pooping Large Amounts

By pooping large amounts in your dream, this is symbolizing that lots of your problems and issues are piling up. Thus, you need to start tackling them. 

It is important to note, you may dream of yourself pooping a lot, but it is really difficult. This is a sign that you are pushing yourself too hard.

Therefore, you are causing yourself to be fatigued and stressed, which is having a negative impact on yourself. 

Pooping In Nature

A dream about popping in nature is a wonderful song. It represents you getting rid of all your financial difficulties. So you will be less stressed and have a calmer outlook. 

Pooping Your Pants Dream

A pooping your pants dream is implying that you have wanted to get rid of something in your life for a long time. This could be anything from a relationship or toxic partner, or a job that you aren’t enjoying, or an unhealthy habit.

Alongside that, it could be a sign that it’s time to move to another town or city. This is all to help to make our dreams and wishes come true. What you really want in life could be soon coming true. 

Everyone has a few bad habits that we should let go off. Sometimes this dream shows you that you are trying your best to keep everyone else from finding out about our bad habits or obsessions.

Yet, you still feel ashamed of them, and should consider letting them go. 

Recurring Pooping Pants Dream

If this dream is recurring, then it is a sign that you are ineffective when it comes to dealing with particular personal issues. You may lose track of your actions, which then causes more confusion and chaos. 

Yet, this dream might also be offering you a solution to consider. Try to figure out which task you really need to prioritize to get everything back under control. 

Pooping Your Underwear

You may have come just short of achieving your dreams. This can then lead you to lose faith in yourself and your capabilities. Therefore, you may have started to dislike yourself and what you can do.

However, once you label yourself as a failure, then this will keep you away from being successful. Therefore, you are limiting yourself and how successful you can be.

Pooping Yourself Naked

Are you feeling shameful lately? If you have let yourself down, then this can be the cause of this dream. As your subconscious mind is feeling bad for what you have done to another person. 

Pooping On Yourself

Pooping on yourself in a dream is telling you that the gains that you have acquired are through immoral and unfair means. Thus, these gains won’t give you long term happiness.

Pooping Your Bed

The dream is pointing towards any recent humiliation you may have just gone through or upcoming humiliation that is on its way to you.

Pooping In A Bucket

By dreaming about pooping in a bucket, this showcases that you are determined in your goals and won’t give up. Everyone faces challenges and that you should take these challenges as a test, that will help to make you a stronger person.

While also reaching those desired end goals at the same time. 

Pooping Into A Toilet

This dream is indicating that you have a lot of pent-up thoughts and feelings that you need to release.

Mentally and emotionally, these thoughts and feelings may have brought you down, but this dream is reflecting your need to let these negative emotions go. 

With that being said, pooping into a toilet could be a sign that you are well-balanced. Your life is at peace at the moment. Some dream analysts have said that this dream can suggest how honest a person you are.

In fact, they have even said the larger the poop, the more moral you are. 

Pooping In Public Toilets

This dream is interpreted as financial success. However, if the public restroom has undecided cabins, this is suggesting that you are comparing your wealth and riches with others.

If you feel embarrassed by doing the action in front of others, then this could be suggesting that you are embarrassed of your wealth. This could be due to you obtaining it through illegal channels or jealous of what other people have. 

Pooping In The Open

By dreaming about pooping in the open, is a sign that you can expect a sudden increase in your finances. However, you won’t stay quiet about this increase, but rather let everyone know that you have come into this wealth. 

As you aren’t going to stay quiet, you may find a couple of people are going to come up to you to ask you for help. If this does happen in your life, then you don’t need to question why they are asking. It is because they know you have money. 

This is a very reflective kind of dream on your personality. You might be the kind of person that likes to be the center of attention, and don’t mind breaking the rules to get everyone’s attention.

Pooping On The Road

This dream could be representing a particular action you have completed recently. Yet when you look back on that action now, you are ashamed and embarrassed of what you did. As a result, you may need to make amends for that action and apologize. 

You cannot undo the action, but you can still apologize to the person it affected the most. 

Dreaming of Poop - What Could That Mean For You (1)

Pooping In Public And Embarrassed By It

You may have achieved a lot of money, but you might be happy you got it. This dream is hinting that you may be ashamed of the channels in which you got this wealth from.

Someone Stops You From Pooping

If someone tries to stop you from pooping in your dream, this can represent someone else trying to attack or threaten you. 

Cleaning Your Poop Up

If you take a poop in your dream and then clean it up. This is a sign that you may have issues in your life, but you can easily get over it and solve the problems you are facing.

Otherwise, if you leave the poop, then the issue will continue to grow, and smaller issues may start becoming much bigger. 

Pooping Snakes

It may sound strange, yet if you have had a dream about pooping out snakes, this is associated with cleansing. This dream is suggesting that you are about to get rid of the toxic and negativity that is currently in your life.

Whether that be people in your inner circle that you don’t like or you are part of a situation that is full of bad vibes. 

This dream is prompting you to let go of all the negative people in your life that aren’t worth your time or energy. 

Pooping Out A Fish

Whenever there is conflict, you should always listen to both sides of the story before you make up your mind who to support. Yet, this dream is hinting that you may end up supporting the person who is in the wrong. 

However, if you are ill and have this dream, then it is a sign that things could get worse.

Pooping Worms

If you start pooping worms in your dreams, then you are about to let go of any negative feelings and problems that have been causing you upset. 

Pooping Out Rope

An event or action has caused a lot of people to think negatively of you, so now you are trying to clear your name. However, the issue has caused you to see who are your real friends that will support you and those that are fake friends. 

The rope in your dreams symbolizes social ties. The act of pooping out a piece of rope represents you letting go of some friendships that you no longer need in your life.

Constipation Dreams 

If you are struggling to poop in your dreams, then this is a hint that you are mentally blocked when it comes to expressing yourself and your opinions.

For example, you may be really careful when it comes to money, but to a lot of people you are to come across as quite tight. 

Thus, your dream may want you to spend more money in the right situations. It is important to treat yourself now and then, as it will help you to feel good, and your well-being will be improved as well. 

Also, this dream could be a sign that someone is stopping you from progressing, or you have overlooked an opportunity that could do good for you.

Suffering With Diarrhea Dreams 

These dreams could be telling you that you are doing things that no one appreciates. For a long time whether at work or in a relationship your actions have been going unnoticed.

As a result, you are becoming more frustrated and built up. Now you want to let all this tense go. 

Passing Blood In Your Poop Dreams

Passing blood in your poop in your dreams is a bad sign. Your dream is telling you there are a few issues in your life that you need to look into as soon as possible.

If these problems go untreated, then your life could end up in chaos. In addition ,those who you care about could also be involved in the chaos that is looming. 

Also, blood in your poop could be a sign that you are exhausted as well. Thus, you need to take care of yourself. 

Bird Pooping On You

In everyday life, a bird pooping on you is seen as good luck. Even in dreams, this action is seen as a good thing in every aspect of your life, including success and wealth.

Splashing Poop On Yourself

In your dreams, if you happen to splash poop on yourself, that is a sign that someone is jealous of your success. As a result, if that person allows jealousy to take over them, then they may try to sabotage you.

Hence, you should try to be aware of the things happening around you, but the chances of you preventing the sabotage is limited. 

Cleaning Poop Dreams

If your dream is about you just cleaning poop, then you should expect some kind of trouble or issue to approach you in the coming days. It is unclear whether the issue is to do with you, but you will offer to help find a resolution.

If you don’t help, then the issue will become your problem as well. 

The dream is showing you that someone has made a mess, and it is your job to help clean it up. 

Cleaning Cat Poop

What this type of dream is implying is that  you shouldn’t always have blind faith in people. This isn’t suggesting that you have to be skeptical of everyone, but you may have to make some slight adjustments.

You should evaluate  who supports you during your lows and who you can trust. 

Playing In Poop

In your dream, if you are playing in poop, this is representing the tasks that you need to complete in the next few days. However, it is good to have objectives and goals to work towards. Although, it’s also good to have some fun.

Sometimes playing with your poop is a sign that you  have anxiety that you need to release. 

Rolling In Poop

It may not sound very pleasant, but dreaming about rolling in poop is a symbol of celebration.

Swimming In Poop

This type of dream is telling you that you can expect a really luxurious and peaceful life. Although, the way in which you gain this wealth is through a corrupted channel. Therefore, to begin with,  you may struggle to be at peace with this situation. 

Sleeping On Top Of Poop

In your dream, you may be found sleeping or laying on a pile of poop. What this can mean is that you are about to start a difficult phase in your life. Thus, you should be wary as this could cost you your reputation. 

Throwing Poop Away

This is related to your spending habits. You need to be aware that if you are starting to spend large amounts of money, you could possibly get into trouble further along.

Throwing Poop At Someone Else Or Yourself

By throwing poop at someone else, this is saying that someone else is abusing you or trying to humiliate you. While if you find someone is throwing poop at you, this is seen as a warning, that you need to pay closer attention to how you treat others. 

As a result, you need to take a lot of a look at yourself, as there may be something about yourself you need to fix. If you don’t fix these issues, then you may start losing those that you care about, as they don’t want to be associated with you. 

Monkey Throwing Poop At You

A monkey throwing poop at you is a good sign, if you are in business. As it represents customers giving you money and your business doing well. 

Digging Up Cat Poo

Normally, when someone dreams about digging up cat poop, it is because that person wants to dig up facts or information to a person. This information will then lead to the truth for the negative actions of someone you care about. 

Poop Inside Your Ear

Dreaming about poop inside your ear and then cleaning is a sign that the people around you have had enough of your attitude. Not everyone is perfect, but you still need to be accountable and own up to your personality flaws.

However, if you cannot admit when you are wrong, then you won’t be able to build and maintain healthy friendships and relationships with other people. 

Diaper Containing Poop

A diaper, containing poop, is a symbol that you are the kind of person that cares about young children. In particular, you care about the lives and welfare of your family. 

Poop On The Wall

Finding poop on a wall, a dream is suggesting that someone is careless, as they are wasting money on something. You want to be smart with your money and take on any opportunity to be able to earn some quick money. 

Although, if you dream about our house being covered in poop, this is a sign to tell you to be prepared and aware. Especially, it can feel like all there are problems to solve, but this dream isn’t to scare you but to keep you alert and prepared. 

Poop Everywhere You Look

When you see a lot of poop in your dreams, this is considered to be good luck. Whether that is talking about your work life, personal life or love life is unknown, but you can expect good things to happen.

In addition to that, if you see poop everywhere you look, this can be a symbol of material gains and money. Although, it could be a sign that soon you will have too much money that you won’t know what to do with it all. 

Poop Stains

Poop stains are usually a sign of regret for a past action or mistake you have recently made. By coming across this dream, it is a hint that you need to take a lesson from what has happened and learn from it. 

Poop In Your Mouth

It sounds horrible, but dreaming of poop in your mouth could be a prompt that you may soon be facing health issues. Although, poop in your mouth can also be connected to material and money gains attained through dodgy ways.

It is important to not ignore this sign, as it can have a huge effect on you sooner than you think. 

Poop On Your Clothes

Dreaming of poop or a poop stain on your clothes will surround a friend. Your mind is telling you that you may stumble across a dark secret of someone you know soon.

Yet, once you reveal the truth, it is going to lead you to ask many questions afterwards about that person. While the person in question, won’t realize what is happening behind their back. 

Dreaming of Poop - What Could That Mean For You (1) (1)

Poop On The Bed

No matter where, if you dream about poop on any area of your bed, this is a suggestion that there may be an issue with your relationship. However, the issue could be the result of something else, such as financial issues. 

Poop Found On The Floor

Finding poop on the floor in your dreams, is a sign that you are envious of another person’s achievements and success. In fact, it also suggests that you focus too much on the success of fathers, that you aren’t looking at what you can achieve yourself. 

As a result, this dream is implying that you need to stop looking at other people and discover what you can do. Work on yourself and your own achievements instead of looking over at other people and seeing how they succeed. 

Walking In Poop

Stepping in poop in your dream may sound like a nightmare, but really is a symbol of good luck. It is even better if you struggle to remove all the feces from your shoes.

Therefore, if you are currently going through a difficult period in your life, then this is a sign that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Soon you will get a piece of information that will solve all the problems that you have been facing.

Alongside that, this dream is asking that you listen to your body and yourself. Hence, you need to make the right choices for you and that you think will help you find happiness in the long term. 

Although, some dream researchers have said that your business ventures will suddenly become really lucky and benefit from this luck financially.

A lot of books surrounding dreams suggest that stepping on feces is a sign that you will have a life of contentment. Although, it can mean you have done something wrong by judging someone or something too quickly. 

Finally, this dream could be teaching you a lesson.  It is suggesting to you that you will earn nothing in life unless you work hard for it. 

Watching Someone Else Step In Poop

By watching someone else step in poop, this is your sign to stop wishing about the things that you want to do and start doing them instead.

The fear of failure may be stopping you from doing a lot of things, yet you should put these insecurities and fears to one side.

If you ever want to achieve your dream goals, then you need to not let fear run your life and start doing the things that make you the happiest. 

Walking In Animal Poop

Walking in animal poop is a sign that this dream is about something else. The unpleasant feces are a hint that someone is in an unpleasant situation.

Then the act of you stepping into the poop is a sign that you need to step into the situation in real life and help that person with the issue. As a result, your dream is telling you to help a particular person that you are aware is struggling at the moment. 

On other occasions, walking in animal poop is interpreted as you needing to give financial advice to someone else. That advice will help the person to get out of the issue that they are facing.

Finally, it could also mean that you may soon gain a reward for a past action. 

Overall, walking in animal feces is a sign for you to help others, and not expect huge personal gains. 

Walking In Dog/Cat Poop

Walking in dog or cat poop have two very different meanings. 

By walking in dog poop, your dream is telling you that you may soon receive some help from your friends. While, stepping in cat poop in your dreams is seen as a warning. It is a warning that you may get tricked by those who want to see you fail. 

Wiping Poop Off Your Shoes

By wiping poop off your shoes, this is an omen that you may not be earning as much money this time. However, this reduced amount of money isn’t due to your lack of talents, but because you stuck to your principles.

Thus, you didn’t accept money from corrupted channels. 

Eating Poop

Dreaming about eating poop is quite complicated, as it depends on the type of poop you are dreaming about eating. However, it is important to note that dreaming about this situation usually isn’t a good sign.

Hence, this type of dream is a warning, that anything bad you have done, is going to be revealed, and you will need to face the consequences. However, this dream can also point out other challenges that weren’t self-inflicted. 

Usually, this dream suggests you are about to face people who aren’t happy with how well you are doing. These people may do anything they can to ruin your happiness.

Although, you should only listen to those that you can trust. In this situation, you need to be optimistic, and take on what people are saying to you and make improvements to yourself. 

If you are dreaming of eating your own poop, then it is a sign you are strong headed and don’t listen to the guidance and advice of others. While, it can also mean you are a pessimistic person who always looks for the worst in every situation. 

However, if you are eating cat poop, this dream is suggesting that someone may have an issue with you that happened quite a while ago.

Yet, the intention of them bringing this up is because they want to cause a disagreement between the pair of you. 

Finding Poop On Various Body Parts

Finding poop on any part of your body may sound horrible, yet it is a good sign that financial gains are coming for you. In particular, if you are dreaming about poop covering your body, which implies that you are going to be successful.

Furthermore, if you are smearing the poop on your own body, then you are getting ready to take on new responsibilities and roles, you increase your finches. 

However, no matter what is happening, you need to make sure that you keep your family well-informed. Although, you need to be careful that you aren’t blocking yourself from your own successes.

This could be due to your lack of self-confidence or will to go after your dreams and desires.

Dreaming of having poop on your hands accidentally is a suggestion that something out of the blue might come up. It is a sign that something better is coming for you, that will help you accomplish your dreams and make you happy. 

Although, if it is a conscious decision to get poop on your hands, then this is a suggestion that there is some relationship trouble in your life. Thus, you have an unpleasant responsibility or task to do.

Smearing Poop On Others And Yourself

Dreaming about smearing poop on someone else is a sign that you are willing to do anything that you can to help and protect those that you care about.

However, be prepared to get into trouble or even embarrassed. Although, you won’t care, as you will be doing it for someone that means a lot to you. 

In comparison to other smearing poop on yourself in a dream, which is a hint that you could be falling with these people. This could be colleagues from work, friendships or relationships that are currently a little rocky. 

Touching Poop

Touching poop in a dream symbolizes toxic people and thoughts that you want to get rid of. It is all about positive changes that you want to make in your life.

Hence, you have come to terms with the life that you want to lead and are prepared to start making the necessary changes. 

This dream is usually a reflection of the type of person that you are. Commonly, you may like to blame others for your actions, when really the fault lies with you.

However, if this is you, then it is time to take on the consequences of your actions and admit when you have done wrong. 

When it comes to holding poop in a dream, it may say that you are the kind of person that takes on tasks and responsibilities that don’t interest you. However, investments that you have made will soon become much more beneficial for you. 

If you are picking your stool up in your dream, then your finances are about to get some good luck. This is a sign that you are about to get a load of luck regarding your wealth and finances. 

Poop In The Sink Or Bathtub

Sounds like a strange dream, yet it provides you with a good message. Finding poop in your dream in either the sink or bathtub is a cause for celebration.

The message it is telling you is that you are about to receive money in your tax return. You have earned hard for your money, therefore, you deserve to claim back what you have earned. 

Toilet Overflowing With Poop

An overflowing toilet dream can be interpreted in a couple of ways

A lot of people like to see the overflowing toilet as a sign that they are about to receive lots of money. This money is a result of a lot of hard work and effort that you have been putting in recently.

Although, sometimes your hard work has nothing to do with the money that you are seeing coming in. 

However, depending on your financial situation, sometimes an overflowing toilet can be a bad sign, as it means your money is going to be restricted due to lots of outgoings.

In addition to that, an overflowing toilet could be trying to tell you that you need to flush your negative thoughts and feelings away. It is a message to keep an eye on your health and only have good vibes and people in your life to be happy. 

Dreaming of Poop - What Could That Mean For You (1) (1) (1)

Dirty Toilet With Poop Splattered Around It

If you are dreaming about a dirty life with poop splattered around, it is a sign of the state of your life at the moment. Usually, we would flush the waste down the toilet just to leave it splattered around.

Hence, this is a symbol that private life is being exposed for everyone to see and gossip about. As a result, you currently have an emotional and mental battle on what to do. 

Hard Poop Dreams

As we have mentioned above, when you dream about being constipated, this is a sign that you are stressed due to a build up of matter. Therefore, you need to learn to let go of the negativity and toxic people in your life to find happiness.

However, when it comes to hard poops, your dream is suggesting that you will offer your help to someone else, but it is likely that they are going to reject this help.

Although, dreaming of a hard stool can be linked to money issues or physical labor. 

Flushing Your Poop Away

If you can flush your poop away in our dream, this is a good sign and has a positive message. As you are able to let go and get rid of all the negative things in your life that have been causing you stress. 

However, if you are unable to flush your poop away in your dreams, then this is a sign that you aren’t letting go of any negative emotional baggage that is holding you back.

As a result, you are letting things build up too much, that you could be on the verge of a mental breakdown. 

Dreaming Of Human Poop

It is more common for us to dream of human feces than another type of feces, but this can have many meanings. 

When you dream about human poop, you need to take a look at yourself and your own personality.

Dreaming of human poop, might be implying that soon you may have a change in your life, such as a new job and gaining a new social circle. Although, if there is no new job on the horizon, then you may see a pay rise instead. 

However, it isn’t always good news when dreaming of human poop. Sometimes it can refer to you losing your friends due to your behavior. As a result, you may then become lonely, which will then see a decrease in your income. 

Human poop can be a symbol for a dilemma that you are facing in your life at the moment. Your feelings revolving around the issue may be mixed, as you are unsure how to approach the issue.

However, usually, financial gain is linked with dreaming about human poop.

Dreaming About Baby Poop

Starting something new is always scary, especially if it is a new business or relationship. The first few initial days are always difficult to get through. However, as you continue on, your luck will begin to turn much more positive.

This is because you will start to get a lot more help and this will reduce your problems. 

However, dreaming of baby poop isn’t all good news. It can also be a warning as well. You may have lots of luck to help you out, however, you still need to communicate with other people a lot more.

In addition, to always being a lot more assertive of what you want. As a baby, poop is a symbol of accepting rewards from your hard work.

Some dream analysts have linked dreaming of baby poop with neglecting certain issues and responsibilities. As a result, you may have luck on your side, but you still need to put in a lot of work and effort as well to really reap those benefits. 

Animal Poop Inside Your Home Dream

Sometimes you may think that you are close to achieving your dreams and then everything seems to fall apart at the last hurdle.

In addition to this, if you have negative people and energies around you, they will do everything in their power to make sure that you don’t succeed. 

If you dream about animal poop in your house, then it is a sign that you have negative people in your life that are trying to prevent you from happiness and achieving your dreams.

Although, if you are dreaming about animal poop outside your house, then this is a good message, and good things will be happening soon. 

Runny Baby Poop

Dreaming of runny baby poop is a suggestion that someone you know and trust has betrayed you. Thus, you may need to take a closer look into certain relationships to find out who has betrayed you and why.

Horse/Cow Poop Dreams

If you happen to dream of either cow or horse poop, this is a good sign for you. As both cow and horse poop, dreams are a sign of prosperity and success coming into your life soon. 

Dog Poop Dreams

By dreaming of dog poop, this is considered to be a good sign that is usually associated with success in your professional and personal life.

There may be numerous situations for you to be part of that you can use to help your life become much better. Although, whether you do well with these opportunities is up to you and whether you put the work and effort in. 

Staying in a zone that you are familiar with, isn’t going to help you progress and get better. However, on the flip side, if you are too impulsive, you may dream of dog poop.

Which is a warning for you to think about your decision carefully before going ahead with them. You want to make sure the division is right for you and will lead you to be happy and successful. 

Although, if it is puppy poop you are seeing. Then you expect to be asked to babysit in the next coming days. 

Chicken Poop Dreams

Chicken poop in your dreams has lots of positive interpretations. If you see chicken poop, then you know that you can look ahead for things working out for you.

Chicken poop is seen as a good sign for everyone, and will bring you lots of good things your way. 

Rabbit Poop Dreams

Dreaming of rabbit poop is great if you have children. This is because rabbit poop is a sign that your young children are going to be extremely lucky in the next upcoming days. 

Rat Poop Dreams

Dreaming of rat poop is not a good sign at all. In fact, if you are dreaming of rat poop, then you need to be aware. Usually, rat poop in dreams is a sign for robbers.

Therefore, you may be robbed in the next few days, or something may happen to your business. 

Mouse Poop Dreams

In contrast to rate poop, mouse poop in your dreams is great for anyone who has a business. This is because dreams surrounding mouse poop are suggesting that the next few days are going to be a couple of the best days your business is going to have. 

Cockroach Poop Dreams

Poop is generally seen as a fantastic thing in your dreams, as it is seen as a sign of success and security. Also, the cockroach by itself also represents the same theme.

Therefore, if you happen to dream of cockroach poop, it is a sign that you are going to meet a really successful and influential person who is going to help you financially. Thus, you will be able to accomplish all of your goals and dreams. 

Unmarried Women Dreaming Of Poop

It has been believed that if an unmarried woman dreams of a large amount of poop in her bed, she is then dreaming of herself cleaning the mess-up. This is a sign that the unmarried woman is going to marry an extremely rich man.

However, it won’t be a perfect marriage. Due to the woman cleaning up the poop in the dream, the dream is hinting that the man may be rich, but he may also be morally corrupt.

The ways that you have obtained his money, may not be through honest channels. 

Men And Women Pooping In Public Restrooms

For a man, if you happen to dream of yourself pooping in a public restroom, then this is a sign that you need to start paying close attention to your health.

Hence, you may be exhausted or stressed and need to take better care of yourself, otherwise you could fall ill. 

While if you are a woman in your dream pooping in a public restroom, then your dream is hinting at the fact you are insulted over something.

As a result, your subconscious is asking you to be strong and don’t listen to the options of other people. As the only opinion that really matters is your own and no one else’s should affect you. 

Businessman Dreaming About Poop

For a businessman, the best kind of dream is when poop is covered all over their back and in their house. It is a sign that is foreshadowing the success of your business in the future.

Your business is going to become extremely profitable, which will result in you coming into a lot of money. 

However, the same can be said of a man pooping under a tree. This dream is implying that you are about to see huge profits from your business where you weren’t expecting to see large returns from. 

Color Of Poop In Your Dreams Meaning

The color of the poop that you are dreaming of has a huge significance to how the dream can be interpreted. Below are some of the most common colors of poop you may come across in your dreams.

  • Brown – Brown poop is a sign of stability, wealth and prosperity. Your subconscious is telling you that soon you will become wealthy and lucky. 
  • Yellow/Golden – Yellow poop also symbolizes prosperity and wealth.
  • Other Colors – Any other colored poop will look odd, and this is a sign that there may be conflict soon at work or at home. It is a sign to stay away from anything that could look like trouble. 

Spiritual Meanings Of Dreaming About Poop

Overall, the spiritual meaning behind dreaming of poop is around releasing and letting go of any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions from your life. In different religions, these dreams have their own meanings as well. 

Biblical Interpretation 

Christians are known to believe that if they dream of poop, this is a sign that the spiritual world is asking them to cleanse themselves of their sins.

If they have done something morally wrong to another person, they need to ask for that persons’ forgiveness. In the majority of situations, the action cannot be reversed, but an honest apology can help you to regain the trust of the person that you hurt. 

In addition to that, if you happen to have any negative emotions or thoughts towards another person. You need to let these thoughts and feelings go. 

Islam Interpretation 

In the Islamic beliefs, it is said that dreams of poop symbolizes money. However, it isn’t certain whether this is about receiving or giving or wasting money.  It depends on the context of the dream.

Korean Interpretation 

When it comes to Korean interpretation, revolving around dreams about poop. They believe that this represents a positive message, when it comes to your finances and any obstacles that are or have been in your way. 

Dreaming about poop could be suggesting that you are about to come into a lot of money. For example, you might be about to win the lottery Alongside that, Koreans associate bodily waste such as poop is related to the hurdles that are in your way.

These hurdles could be self-inflicted due to procrastination or anything that spots you forgetting your end goal. Thus, dreaming of poop is helping you to cleanse your path in your life.  

Do All Poop Dreams Have A Meaning?

Even though we have spoken about any poop dream scenarios, not every dream has a deeper meaning. 

For example, if you are known to have bowel issues, then you may dream about pooping occasionally. Also, if you have the desire to go to the bathroom, then your dreams are going to reflect your real life urges.

Thus, not all poop dreams have deeper symbolic meanings, it depends on the content of your dream. 


Dreaming of poop has various different meanings depending on the context of the dream.  The type of poop, color and consistency all have a huge effect on the overall meaning.  

Usually it is a good sign to be dreaming of poop as it can be new fortunes and luck. As you can see, there are many meanings to having a poop dream, and hopefully this article has given you a better insight into some of the most popular poop dreams.

Now you may understand what your poop dream is trying to tell you.  

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