Dreaming About Zombies Attacking You? How To Interpret Its Meaning

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Most of us have dreams of all sorts every night, whether it’s about flying through space or being in a soccer game.

However, many of us will not question the meaning of these dreams, instead taking them at face value as adventures of some sort.

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Dreaming About Zombies Attacking You? How To Interpret Its Meaning

But what do they really mean? How do they relate to our lives? Certain types of dreams will reveal insight into your life, suggesting things about your relationships, behavior, work, and more. 

So what do dreams about zombies attacking you mean? If you’ve just watched a zombie movie before bed, then it’s understandable that you would dream about the threat of zombies.

However, there is much more to it than that. These zombie dreams might make you feel intense and specific emotions. You likely felt scared, naturally, but you may also have felt stressed or contemplated death.

Feeling strong emotions when dreaming about a zombie attack means that you should try and interpret the real meaning of your dream. 

In our informative guide below, we’re going to tell you all about the different meanings that come from all kinds of different zombie-related dreams.

Whatever you experienced last night, we’ve got the answers here. All dreams have meanings of some sort, and hopefully this article will encourage you to question them more. 

What Does Dreaming About Zombies Mean?

To begin with, let’s look at what a general dream about zombies should mean. As you can guess, it isn’t exactly a sign that things are all settled in your life right now, rather that it’s a sign of troubled times.

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In fact, it could be a sign that you need a fresh start. These dreams can suggest that you’re being influenced by bad habits, and potentially even people that aren’t good for you.

The dream is a sign for a fresh start, to get rid of the people that have a negative effect on you and take back control of your life.

Clearly, a person in this kind of situation is going to be feeling anxious and stressed. Being under negative influences can be a strain on your mental condition, and the dream of oncoming zombies is a sign of this discomfort. 

It’s worth noting that zombies have different depictions across the world, with their own meanings.

The term itself actually comes from Haitian folktales, with ties to voodoo spells. For them, zombies are to do with the reanimated dead, which is what most of us take them as anyway.

Reasons For Dreaming About Zombies

There are a few different reasons that you might be dreaming of zombies, beyond you doing something like playing a zombie video game before going to bed.

The various reasons will all be to do with things that are going on in your life, and things that you’re feeling at the moment. As you know from the previous section, they are all to do with negative influences and stress.

You’re Feeling Detached 

You’re Feeling Detached 

If you have been feeling lonely recently, it could be the cause for your dream. People are sociable creatures and nobody wants to be left out.

Your feelings of detachment could be the result of suffering depression, or you could grow anxious at the thought of socializing.

We’ve all been there. It’s important to ask for help with this, so that you can be at peace with your mind and start to reconnect more with others. 

Zombies by their very nature are detached. They’re almost human, but not quite, instead being rid of their feelings and emotions.

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Though they usually prowl in groups, they aren’t actually interacting with any of the other zombies, because they don’t have that capacity for feeling anymore.

That isn’t the case for you, that’s just how zombies are symbolically detached by their nature. 

You Don’t Feel In Control

Zombies don’t have any control over themselves, and for that reason they are a good symbol for when somebody has lost control in their lives.

You might feel lost in the real world and feel pressure from all kinds of angles. When this is happening, it’s a good idea to take back control of your life and put it back on track.

This can be with help from others, just be careful: you don’t want to compare yourself to other people. Be your own thing, and get control back.

It may be the case that you are feeling forced to sacrifice your goals, and that’s why you feel lost.

On the other hand, it could mean that some part of your life is coming to an end and you’re entering a new stage – which can make people feel lost and disoriented too. It’s best to familiarize and adjust, and take the path that you want to. 

You’re In A Transition

Speaking of different stages of your life, the dream could be a sign that you’re transitioning. If you think about it, a zombie is a clear symbol of transformation.

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They have turned from a human into a zombie, yet still retain some of their old human form. This means that the dream could suggest a new beginning, where you’re entering into a new part of your life.

Though we all don’t like change, it is important and can often be good.

Naturally, many zombie dreams are about the end of the world, like an apocalypse.

This idea of the end can link back to a real life situation where you’re reaching the end of something, and about to go into something new.

You Feel Stressed

You Feel Stressed

Zombies always look tired, shuffling around. Yet they never stop. This could be another meaning in your dream, because you may be feeling that way in your own life.

If you’re working too hard and getting drained, the zombie dream is a sign that you need to take a break from this stress. Slow down.

You need to pause and focus on your mental state, making sure that you feel recalibrated and rested before getting back to your goals.

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You Feel Creative

Though you may not expect it, a dream about zombies can also be a sign that you’re feeling creative and have been positively achieving goals in life.

It can be a sign of art and growth which you have been reaching recently. 

50 Different Types Of Zombie Dreams – What Do They All Mean?

You Dream About Zombies – General Meaning

It can go two ways with a zombie dream. On the one hand, zombies are negative and they represent bad things in your life.

This can be about the people that you surround yourself with. If you keep toxic company, and they do nothing but bring you down, then you need to get rid of the bad people in your life and instead focus on finding good ones. 

Alternatively, it could be that you have bad habits too. Things like being overly negative or drinking a lot of alcohol are habits that need to be broken and should be replaced with positive and healthy habits instead. 

On the other hand, zombies are a good sign of a good life. The people around you are supportive, and you accomplish your goals with their help.

Whichever the case, the dream is about recognizing your situation and acting on it if it’s bad. 

You Dream About Being A Zombie

Zombies are detached and lonely, and you might be feeling the same in life. It’s good to recognize this and try to fix it, reconnecting with others at a pace that’s comfortable to you.

Part of your detachment could be a difficulty in expressing your feelings, possibly because you’ve been thrown off by stress lately. It’s a good idea to slow down and reflect, before changing things.

Alternatively, dreaming that you are a zombie could be a good sign. You may have succeeded in a goal recently, or you’re seeing the rewards of hard work. 

You Dream About Being Chased By Zombies

This signifies that you’re running away from your problems in life, perhaps upcoming financial issues or big life decisions.

Instead, you need to stop and face the issues, which will allow you to solve them and stop running. It may even be the case that you’ve been betrayed by somebody close, and it’s haunting you.

Again, it’s good to face it and fix it. 

You Dream About Being Chased By Zombies

Alternatively, it could mean that you’re facing a recurring illness. Always get these things checked by a doctor, and follow their treatment plans thoroughly until you’re better. 

You Dream About Chasing Zombies

This can mean that you are putting off your ambitions because of a commitment to your family. This can leave you feeling torn, but it’s important to get help and lessen the load.

Alternatively, it can be telling you that you need to reflect on where you’ve come from, compared to where you are now. Reflecting on our journeys can make us appreciate the present even more. 

You Dream About Many Zombies

If there are many zombies in your dream, it can reflect a desire to be loved. If things are tough, then you will be able to get through it.

Additionally, the presence of lots of zombies shows that you know how to work relationships, but also that you need to see things from other perspectives. On top of that, it can be a symbol of inspiration and truth.

You Dream About Being Eaten By Zombies

This shows how you interact with other people, which may be something to analyze. Do you care about what other people think of you?

You should listen to the voice inside your head and decide whether to act or not on the things it says. Additionally, you may be close to others, but hide important things from them.

It can be good to open up, and it can strengthen your relationships.

You Dream About Eating Zombies

A slightly weirder situation, this symbolizes that you are stuck in the past. Your previous experiences may be hindering how you live your life now, stopping you from meeting new people and doing new things.

You need to let go of the past and live in the present. Once you let go of those past experiences, you can make new ones, without the negative influence of previous events. 

You Dream About Killing Zombies

This may not seem such a weird idea, especially if you were watching a zombie movie before bed, where lots of zombies are usually killed.

This dream can be a good thing, because it shows that you will overcome your difficulties in life. On top of that, you distance yourself from the negative influences in your life, instead going for happiness and new experiences. 

However, the dream can also be a bad thing. It could mean that you’re distancing yourself from all people, and have become detached.

If in the dream you are using a gun on the zombies, then it means you can be aggressive in your survival, and that isn’t good.

If you used fire on the zombies, it shows that you aren’t living up to your creative potential. To do so, you need to show enthusiasm and drive. 

You Dream About Undead Zombies

You may think that all zombies are undead, but if it is particularly emphasized in your dream then it shows your real life is shaped by fear.

You can be a person who is open and fun, yet is having their life and goals dictated and controlled by others. The dream tells you that you need to get control back, and make your own decisions.

Otherwise, you are overwhelmed. 

You Dream About Escaping Zombies

You Dream About Escaping Zombies

Like the chasing dream, this can show that you are avoiding your problems in life rather than facing and fixing them. Alternatively, it can show your feelings about somebody, such as jealousy.

In these negative cases, it’s best to either fix the issue or remove them from your life. If you are getting unwanted attention from somebody in life, then the dream might reflect that too.

Additionally, it could be that you’re worried about being replaced, perhaps at work or in a friendship. 

You Dream About Zombies Every Night

Regularly having the dreams can show that you are letting your insecurities get the better of you and shutting yourself off from significant advice.

Alternatively, you might feel rushed and your growth is suffering as a result, because you don’t feel you have the time to follow your goals.

It might also be that you think too much about other people’s opinions of you, and it’s stopped you from believing in yourself. 

Additionally, it can reflect that your masculine and fekmine energies are unifying. 

You Dream About Fighting Zombies

This reflects a feeling in life to fight your rivals in order to stay on top. This isn’t literal fighting, but how you manage to succeed in work and life when there is competition.

You Dream About Hiding From Zombies

If you’re hiding in the dream, it can show that you have bad habits in your life and you need to get rid of them. Smoking and drinking?

You need to stop and pursue healthier habits. You have the desire to make this better lifestyle, but something has stopped you.

It’s important not to be discouraged: try again. You may also suffer negative thoughts, and it’s best to get help for this and find happiness in your mind.

You Dream About Somebody You Know Becoming A Zombie

This is all about how you are feeling about that particular person. It could be the case that you don’t have any strong feelings about the person, and that’s why they are becoming a zombie, because you are detached from them.

It may or may not be a good idea to rectify that, depending on the person. Alternatively, it might show that you’re still learning about yourself, and that you aren’t one to shy away from expressing your opinions and feelings.

You Dream About Zombies In Your Home

This dream focuses things on home and yourself. It can show that you are a talented person, with great creativity and a knack for helping others.

You will have the help of others when it comes to achieving your goals, and you will be praised for all your hard work. However, if you are a people-pleaser then it can be dangerous.

It can mean that you are torn inside, and you need to take some time to pause and reflect on things to resolve these inner-tensions.

You Dream About Loving A Zombie

It may seem an odd one, but if you ever dream about something similar to this, it could reflect an excitement for love in life.

You might be on the verge of a new romantic relationship, and your excitement for intimacy and love is reflected in the dream. Additionally, it could be a sign that you need to remember something. 

You Dream About A Zombie Attack

You Dream About A Zombie Attack

This is a dream you might have if you’re overwhelmed and stressed out by life at the moment, which has made you feel anxious and helpless.

You need to fight the feeling and find a solution to these problems. Alternatively, the dream could reflect that you are repeating old mistakes. In these cases, you need to stop and consider if they really are the right path for you.

On the topic of the past, it could reflect that you are pursuing an old thing – such as seeing an old friend for the first time in a long time.

You Dream About Shooting Zombies

This symbolizes your goals. If you shoot the zombie and get away, succeeding, then it shows that your goals are within reach.

However, if you miss the shot, or the zombie gets you, then it reflects that you won’t reach your goal. In those cases, pause and think about different approaches to achieving them.

You Dream About Zombies While You’re Pregnant

If you’re pregnant and dream about zombies, it can show that you want to be heard by others and respected by society. To ensure this, you will need to work on yourself.

Alternatively, the dream can mean that you should step out of your comfort zone, such as changing your career into something new and exciting.

Stop before you do, considering what will work for you and if you’re emotionally ready. 

In contrast, it could also mean that you’re actually content with your life, needing no change. 

You Dream About Zombies Surrounding You

This is to do with stress and feeling overwhelmed in life. Whether it’s work or relationships, you need to take a small pause and recover, building up the strength to continue with them. We all need to relax from time to time. 

You Dream About Zombies That Eat Flesh

If your dream zombies are eating flesh, it actually can link to questions of character. In real life, somebody might be insulting you and their comments have gotten to you, causing you to doubt yourself.

Don’t let this happen. Believe in yourself and be confident, ignoring negative comments from other people. 

You Dream About Zombies Overtaking The World

This is like the apocalypse we mentioned earlier, and it isn’t a good sign. If you dream this, then it could mean that you feel hopeless with something in real life – it could even be something that is massively altering your life.

It’s important to make sure that you’re in control. Additionally, you need to look at your life and see what can be improved. If you see negative areas, replace them with positive ones. 

You Dream About Zombies Biting You

When people get bitten by a zombie, they become one themselves. This dream goes with the idea of change and transformation.

Given that it’s rendered like this in the dream, it’s likely that you feel threatened by the changes, and are possibly running away from them.

Always confront and fix them instead. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you may be ill – always get a doctor to check on your health regularly. 

You Dream About A Zombie Apocalypse

You Dream About A Zombie Apocalypse

Though scary, this can mean that new things are beginning in your life. It might come from something bad, appearing hopeless, but it can blossom into something good.

Though going through the initial but can be stressful, it can be worth it. If there is change, it’s good to accept it, allowing you to improve it rather than run from it.

Perhaps you need a fresh job? It can be difficult at first, but the new one will soon often be worth it. 

You Dream About A Zombie Mob

This means that you have been overwhelmed recently, and your mind is still processing everything. Additionally, you may have been putting something off, and now it’s weighing on your mind.

The best solution is to face your problems head on and resolve them.

You Dream About A Zombie Virus

Like the biting dream, this is all about new change that you feel threatened and intimidated by. Change can be good, so don’t run away from it. 

Alternatively, it could mean that you might be ill. You must regularly get checked out by a doctor to stay in good health. 

You Dream About Zombies Eating Somebody

Though a horrible image, it can actually mean that you’re an adaptable person that’s open to change.

Your femine energy allows you to effectively control lots of aspects of your life, and you’re on top of things, with your emotions freely displayed.

Potentially, there is a reward in the new future. It may even be the sign of a new journey for you.

Alternatively, it can reflect jealousy, suggesting that you want the abilities of the person being eaten by zombies. This means that you have low confidence, which you should fix.

Additionally, it might be a sign that the person needs to be protected. 

You Dream About Zombies Attempting To Kill You

This can be a sign that you want to venture out of your comfort zone and express yourself, but it isn’t easy. If things stress you out, pause and take the time to fix them.

Alternatively, the dream can reflect feelings of sorrow and loss. The best way to deal with these is also to stop and reflect, giving yourself the time to recover. 

You Dream About Many Gangs Of Zombies

This is all about being overwhelmed in life. Something is stressing you out, perhaps a problem from the past, and you need to pause and address it. Fixing problems before they get worse is always the best way. 

You Dream About Talking To A Zombie

This is a negative reflection of recent relationships. Perhaps you argued with a friend, or you feel guilty about fighting with a loved one.

You need to sort things out with this person, rather than separate yourself and let it become worse. 

You Dream About Zombies Looking Like Relatives

Similarly, this shows that you will have conflict with these relatives soon, which could affect your wider family. Knowing this, it’s best to make sure it doesn’t happen. Stay on good terms. 

You Dream About A Zombie Invasion

This dream reflects you being surrounded by negative, aggressive people. It’s also possible that you have grown distant from your family.

Detach yourself from the bad people, and go back to the good ones. Only surround yourself with love. 

You Dream About Your Mother Becoming A Zombie

You Dream About Your Mother Becoming A Zombie

This can suggest that you feel jealous of your mother. Try to iron out your problems and resolve your relationship. 

You Dream About Your Ex Becoming A Zombie

This goes either way. If you’re happy in your dream, then it shows that you have gotten over your ex, letting go of the past.

However, if you were sad in the dream, then you may still have feelings for them. 

You Dream About Harmless Zombies

Oddly, this means that something bad might happen. This is because the dream reflects that you are currently worried too much.

If you don’t stop and take a rest from the stresses of life, something bad could happen. 

You Dream About A Zombie Animal

The meaning all depends on what animal it was. Different animals often have different meanings.

For example, dreaming about a dog suggests that you share its characteristics, which means that you are loyal to friends. However, they become jealous of you.

Alternatively, you may need to adapt how you work, keeping up with the current methods. 

You Dream About A Dead Person As A Zombie

If you dream of somebody that you know has died, but picture them as a zombie, then it’s a sign of trouble in the future. If things do get tough, always ask for help from others. 

You Dream About Dressing As A Zombie

This has a pretty clear meaning: you’re pretending to be somebody else in real life. It’s better to be yourself rather than mold yourself into the interests and looks of others.

Alternatively, it might mean that you’re uninterested in something. 

You Dream About A Baby Zombie

This is a sad one, because it shows you’ve lost your child-like innocence. Additionally, you could be on a dead-end path and you keep leaving things unfinished. 

You Dream About Good Zombies

It would be hard to tell if a zombie is good, and this is why the dream means that you need to be careful around the people you’re with.

It might be a good idea to distance yourself a while and work on yourself, until you are strong enough to reconnect with others.

You Dream About Cutting A Zombie’s Head

This reflects that there are bad habits hurting your relationships, because they create misunderstandings with the people closest to you. It’s time to analyze your habits and cut out the bad ones. 

You Dream About Zombies Infecting Your Mother

This means that you think too much about what other people think of you, and that is overwhelming you and holding you back. Ignore other people’s negativity. 

You Dream About A Friend Becoming A Zombie

Although you have a good bond with this friend now, you might soon clash with each other. On top of that, you’re being emotionally overwhelmed by other people.

It can be a sign that you should expand your social circles, even if it has a rocky start. With more good people in your life, you will grow as a person.

You Dream About A Zombie Outbreak

This reflects that you fear losing somebody close to you. Alternatively, it can mean that you really want to love somebody, even though there are plenty of challenges from life.

You’ll put in the effort despite all that, and as a result you will have a strong bond made with that person.

You Dream About Battling Zombies At A Bus Station

You Dream About Battling Zombies At A Bus Station

Although this is a very specific dream, it has a very general meaning.

This zombie dream reflects the self-destructive habits that you have in your life, highlighting how they affect both your own health and your relationship with other people.

You need to cut out the bad habits and improve your relationships. 

You Dream About Coming Across A Zombie

This means that you will encounter somebody who helps you accomplish your goals, though this means that you will need help in order to do them.

On the other hand, be careful when people ask you for help instead, because that could cause issues. 

You Dream About Directing A Movie About Zombies

Whether you want to be a film director or not, this dream is a good sign. Making films takes a lot of time and teamwork, as well as creativity and resilience.

This dream means that you will succeed in your attempts in life, and that great chances will come shortly afterwards for you to take. 

You Dream About Rescuing A Friend From A Zombie

If you dream about saving one of your friends from the attack of a zombie, then it means that you should warn your friend about something in real life.

For example, somebody might be planning a nasty move against them. Want them and prevent them from getting negatively affected by somebody else. They will appreciate it, and it shows that you’re a true friend. 

You Dream About Zombies Inside A Church

The fact that you’re going to church in your dreams suggests that you might be doing bad things in real life, like indulging in bad habits such as drugs and drinking.

Clearly these things weigh on your conscience, and so you’re going to church. You need to cut out the bad habits. They waste your money and worsen your life.

In order to kick them, try and get help from other people. Seeking help is often always the way.

You Dream About Zombies In A Childhood Home

This is all about the past weighing on your mind. If you see a family figure from the past, then  it means that something from the past is coming up.

These could be unhealed pains from back then. However, if you escape the house in your dream, then you are escaping the past and beginning a new page in your life.

When you deal with the past, you can escape it and move onto the present. Always get rid of past problems, because they free you up for the present. 

What Does A Zombie Mean In A Dream?

What Does A Zombie Mean In A Dream?

As you can see, a zombie is often a negative symbol, suggesting that you are overwhelmed with pressures.

This could be down to the influence of other people, who are changing the way you think. It’s always a good idea to stay firm in the face of negativity. 

Zombies may also symbolize that you are worried about the unknown, or feel jealous of someone.

With that being said, zombies can sometimes be a sign of good things – as you have seen above.

The Meaning Of Zombies According To Different Beliefs

The Bible

In the bible, the idea of a zombie suggests that you want to run away from reality in order to reach peace. Additionally, since zombies are the dead, it shows that you might be worried about life after death


The spiritual reading of dreaming about zombies can mean that you compare yourself to others, leading you to lose yourself.

It’s a good idea to stop following or being jealous of others and recapture yourself, otherwise you might become insecure and easily influenced – which could lead to poor decisions. 


Dreaming about zombies often reflects that you are unfulfilled, having lost control in your life and failing to achieve your dreams.

On top of this, you are scared of death, perhaps because you haven’t achieved what you want. To fix these problems, you need to pause and reflect on your life, pinpointing what doesn’t work and changing it so that it does. 

Interpreting Your Zombie Dreams

Whenever you dream about zombies, don’t just brush it aside: question it. Each time it happens you should ask yourself about the type of zombies that you saw, as well as any other symbols you may have noticed.

Once you know, thinking about what the zombies were doing. Were they fighting? Were they chasing you? Either way, have a think about how it made you feel and look at our guide to see how it matches up.

Perhaps there is a change in your life, or perhaps you are easily influenced. It could also be that you are being overwhelmed with stress.

Though you may have just watched a zombie movie, there is likely to be more to the dream than that.

Final Thoughts

Dreams can give fascinating insights into our life, it’s just a case of knowing what each of them might mean. Use our guide to help decipher the potential meanings of your dreams about zombies.  

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