Black Feathers: 5 Important Spiritual Meanings

The black feather has many important meanings depending on the context surrounding them.

However, wherever you find a black feather, you should stop to think about what it may mean.

Black Feathers: 5 Important Spiritual Meanings

Take a moment to reflect on your life, and consider what the feather could be trying to tell you. Below are five important spiritual meanings of a black feather.

No matter where you find your feather, stop and think for a moment. Someone might be trying to send you an important message!

Black Feathers Spiritual Meaning


Black feathers have been used for centuries to adorn the headdresses of powerful people.

Universally, a black feather is seen to be a symbol of wisdom – especially in otherworldly and spiritual wisdom.

If you come across a black feather (Also check out What Gray Feathers Mean) in your life, it may be a sign to look inwards and tune into the wisdom within you.

You might be going through a difficult situation that you don’t know how to handle, but when you look in your soul, the answers will be there.

It may be a good idea to take some time to meditate if you find a black feather and work through the surrounding distractions.

You Need To Find Yourself

Magic, power, and spirituality are important meanings of the black feather. These are all things that can lead to growth in difficult times.

If you feel as though something in your life is missing, turn inward and find yourself again.

It may take some time, but when you find yourself, you become free.

With freedom comes a joy that you have never experienced before, and is well worth pursuing.


In some communities, a black feather is a powerful symbol of protection.

If you have been feeling unsafe recently, the black feather could be a sign that you are being protected by higher powers.

This could be from powers above, or from loved ones who are caring for you. Feeling afraid is a natural part of life – there is so much we don’t understand.

However, if a fear has been eating you up inside and affecting your everyday life, take a deep breath when you see a black feather.

Some say it’s your future self letting you know everything is okay. Others believe it to be a sign from an angel.

You can think of it however you like, as long as you know that there are others looking over you, and it’s time to feel safe again.

A Warning From Your Ancestors

Black feathers could also be a warning from your ancestors. This warning could be about relationships, jobs, or anything else you can apply it to.

You may be in a relationship with someone or something that isn’t good for you, and your ancestors need you to know that.

Similarly, you might be about to move across the country to start a new job, or start a college course that isn’t right for you.

It could be anything that you might have had a feeling about, but didn’t feel like you could trust yourself about.

It could also be something that you could never have imagined.

If you see a black feather, take a moment to reflect on your life – the people in it, and the opportunities.

Is there anything that you should think about more before making a final decision? Take the time to meditate and find out.

You Need To Embrace Change

Black feathers can symbolize the end of an era – it can be a change in direction, the end of a long story, or anything else you like.

Sometimes, when you see a black feather, all you need to do is reflect on your past, and appreciate the small things.

You may also take great comfort in knowing that a difficult time in your life is over.

Being able to embrace the coming change will make you a stronger person, and be courageous.

Something big might be changing, and you shouldn’t fight against it. Change happens for a reason, and it always makes us stronger.

What Does Dreaming About Black Feathers Mean?

Dreaming of a black feather could potentially have all the meanings we have discussed before.

It could symbolize power and self-growth, or to remind you that you are protected.

If you can see what bird the feather came from, then it’s always worth trying to find out more that way.

In many cases, birds will have strong spiritual meanings, too (Find out What Seeing A Red Bird Means). By looking into that, you will get a more holistic answer to your question.

Final Thoughts

The black feather may have a number of spiritual meanings, but in the end it’s up to you to interpret. You know your life and soul better than anyone else.

Reflect and see how the meanings of the black feather could apply to your life.

If you cannot seem to find a meaning, you should be aware that sometimes a black feather is simply a black feather.

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