Black Butterfly Spiritual Meaning- 15 Symbolic Facts! (Explained)

The beauty of a butterfly will cause anyone to admire it for a while. Yet, you can’t say the same about black butterflies, the most distinct species.

Because of the clear difference in looks, people believe the spiritual meaning of a black butterfly is not in any way similar to what an average butterfly represents.

Black Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

The not-so-good symbol of the black butterfly may be because of the color black. In many cultures, black gives off a weird negative feeling.

Most times, black signifies misfortune or difficulties. Other times, black may even represent death.

Even with cultural variance, finding a situation where black represents something positive isn’t easy.

So what’s black butterfly spiritual meaning in a dream or reality? What does the black butterfly symbolize?

In this article, we have put together the different meanings of a black butterfly.

Some of these meanings may be different from the meaning you are familiar with. So read on to learn more.

What Does a Black Butterfly Represent Spiritually?

In many societies, a black butterfly depicts a bad omen. It is a sign that something terrible is about to come, or worse, it symbolizes the death of something essential.

Yet, the death significance of a black butterfly differs from person to person.

In some cultures, seeing a black butterfly means a good omen. For instance, it may signify the death of an evil trend. 

In fewer cultures, a black butterfly represents rebirth and positive change. So from these, you can see that the meanings of a black butterfly are not always on the negative side.

Fun Facts About Black Butterflies

Black butterflies fly faster than the average butterfly. Yet, this is only one of the fascinating facts about black butterflies.

Other fun facts you may not be aware of about this butterfly species include:

  • The black butterfly is one of the rarest species of butterflies. There are over 50 black butterfly species depending on their distinctive marks.
  • Black butterflies are nocturnal. That is why you will most likely see them flying at night, dawn, or dusk. They rest on tree trunks on bright sunny days.
  • The wings of a black butterfly are poisonous. The poison in the wings is a defense mechanism against predators. The wings also taste awful, so they are rarely the choice prey of predating animals.
  • Chinese people include black butterflies in their medical formulations. There’s a high chance of finding a black butterfly mix in traditional Chinese medication for coughs and sore throats.
  • Black butterflies hibernate during winter. They rest in cocoons, hence, are not so active in cold periods.

Cultural Beliefs Surrounding Black Butterflies

Some cultural beliefs surrounding the black butterfly include:

  • The Japanese people believe that black butterflies symbolize a good omen. The butterfly brings good luck when you capture and release them. That may be why they call it the Monarch butterfly, as it brings some form of blessings, good health, and long life.

Capturing a monarch butterfly in Japan may also mean someone close will soon conceive or deliver a child.

However, even amongst the Japanese who stick to this belief, there are still variations.

For example, some Japanese believe you receive a blessing when you capture one butterfly.

On the other hand, others believe you must capture two black butterflies around the same time for the blessing to pass.

  • In Chinese culture, the black butterfly represents love and romance. So if you look forward to finding love, chances are you will find it real soon when you capture one with this belief in mind.
  • According to Aztec mythology, souls don’t pass from earth to the great beyond but still hang around during the solar eclipse. So the Aztec goddess, Itzpapalotl, changes into a black butterfly to consume hanging souls during the solar eclipse.
  • A black butterfly represents transition and rebirth in Christianity. It represents a new living or phase. Bible scholars likened the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to a butterfly breaking out from its puparium, showing his rise as a better being.
  • Anglo-Saxon culture believes that black butterflies are the souls of the dead. They still believe that when you see a black butterfly, you should give it some food or say hi. By doing this, the dead loved one rests in peace, knowing that you care about them regardless of the distance across both worlds.

5 Spiritual Meanings of a Black Butterfly

Black butterflies represent certain symbols in the spiritual realm. Some key symbols of the black butterfly include:

1. Death

Black butterflies represent a symbol of death in most parts of the world. However, it may not be the death of a human at all times.

It could be the end of an animal, a good relationship, or some evil trend. It may also signify the end of a project, tenure, or even one’s employment.

 According to some ancient myths, seeing a black butterfly in a home signify that someone in the house or a beloved person is about to die.

You may also see black butterflies around your house when someone is very ill or recently passed away.

2. Freedom

There’s a belief that God saved black butterflies from death, so they now represent symbols to show free spirits that still roam within the earth.

3. Mysterious Wisdom

Seeing a black butterfly depicts there’s a mystery you should find out. It shows you need to search deeper on a particular issue you are experiencing. So if you must resolve the issue, you must be ready to seek extra information. It signifies the need to do additional research and seek knowledge to get peace truly.

4. Spiritual Reawakening

When you are gathering a new status of spiritual stamina, some part of you dies. They die to give way for the new things about to happen.

When your old self dies, you go through rebirth, which causes transformation in your life.

5. Transition to another phase

In some regions, the black butterfly bears a similitude to the moon’s rising at night. This signifies the entrance to a new phase or season.

No one knows what the new phase you are transitioning into may mean. You may be moving from a season of gloom into a brighter one.

But, on the other hand, it may also signify entrance into a trying phase of one’s life.

Sometimes, the new phase may be hard to get by. Yet, it is something to get through. Whatever the phase may bring, ensure you are intentional about coming out of it a better person.

Messages to Consider When You See a Black Butterfly

When you see a black butterfly, most people react by either admiring its beauty or shying away from it if they believe it is dangerous.

However, neither of these should be the only action. The messages a black butterfly pass include:

  • Black butterflies, in their short lifespan, show that life is short. So seeing one is a call to take your brief stay here on earth short and live in the moment. It would help if you saw the bigger picture of your life.
  • You need to heal from toxic energy that has limited your pace. It is a call to reassess the energy you transmit and change it, if necessary.
  • Call to go into deep thoughts about your actions or someone else’s actions. For example, seeing a black butterfly calls you to retrospect and retrace your steps, making the right decisions if you miss them.

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Black butterflies, like other butterflies, can represent anything to anyone. So you have to ensure the black butterfly spiritual meaning you choose sits well with your intuition.

You must understand the personal message of the black butterfly to your current life.

When you don’t understand the spiritual meaning of the black butterfly to you as a person, you will spend more time living in fear of its perceived meaning.

Never let the sad meaning of the black butterfly to you make you live in grief. Instead, be open to living and resolving the issues it presses you to when you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions to help you understand the spiritual meaning of a black butterfly better are:

How do I know it is a good omen when I see a black butterfly in my dream?

Since the meaning of a black butterfly is different for different cultures, there should be a way to go about it. First, to help you understand the dream, know how you feel when you wake up.

If the dream leaves you feeling comfortable, it could signify the death of an evil trend. If seeing a black butterfly surprisingly makes you feel comfortable, then there’s no need to fear.

It may also mean the rebirth of something important to you.

You may need to worry if you wake up feeling scared or uncomfortable. Though it may count as nothing a few times, the dream may serve as a warning.

For example, a black butterfly may spell danger or the death of something you hold dear.

Our intuition or feelings often try to inform us of the future through our dreams. Don’t disregard these feelings. Your answers may lie there.

What does it mean for a black butterfly to perch on me?

A black butterfly resting on you often means tragedy is looming. It may be property losses, money, or worse, a loved one.

A black butterfly perching doesn’t always mean disaster is looming. Sometimes, the universe may tell you to let go of worries, hurts, and pain.

So when a black butterfly rests on your body, check within. Knowing if you are still holding on to something hindering your moving forward or healing is essential.

What if I see a dead black butterfly?

Seeing a dead black butterfly may imply many things. The first implication is your need to break out of your toxic habits, mindset, or emotions.

It may even extend to breaking out of toxic relationships that constantly hold you back.

A dead butterfly may symbolize a disconnection from your inner being or purpose. So the dead butterfly shows that it is time to connect to the inner life to give your life a sense of meaning.


Black butterflies are rare to find in most regions. Nevertheless, seeing one shouldn’t awaken doubt because of what you’ve read it symbolizes.

Only ensure you recognize the spiritual message for you. Then, allow nature to take its course.

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