Are Curses Real? A Non-Weird Answer

In the minds of many people, curses belong to the world of imagination and fictional magic, conjuring up scenes from fantasy novels and movies. 

Are Curses Real A Non-Weird Answer - Psychic Readings Guide

However, for people interested in psychic abilities and the power of energy, the idea of being cursed doesn’t seem so far-fetched. 

There are many definitions of a curse, and while some seem unrealistic to many, others may prompt you to think about curses in a different light. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring whether curses are real. The answer may surprise you!

What Is A Curse? 

Depending on which sources you consult, you might find many different definitions of a curse. 

Some sources describe a curse as an utterance intended to summon supernatural power to cause harm to another person. This may or may not be intended as a punishment for real or perceived wrongdoing. 

Collins Dictionary involves the concept of God (or multiple gods) in its definition of a curse, explaining that a curse involves calling upon one or several deities to invoke harm. 

What all definitions of a curse have in common is that it involves doing harm to another person through supernatural means. 

The word ‘supernatural’, which appears in many definitions of a curse, is what automatically prompts disbelief in many people. This is understandable since the supernatural is largely associated with fiction and superstition. 

The definition of the word ‘supernatural’ identifies it as something outside of the realm of science and the laws of nature, which further cements curses as not real for many.

However, when you look at curses from different perspectives, the concept doesn’t seem so outlandish. 

Are Curses Real? 

If you search further through the many sources both online and offline that discuss the idea of curses, you’ll find definitions that don’t center the supernatural so much.

We have also seen curses described simply as ‘dark intentions’ or ‘an expressed wish of harm’. 

Additionally, anyone interested in psychic theories and abilities will know that much of the theory behind psychic power is based on energetic and vibrational frequency. 

Vibrational frequency, if you’re not familiar with the term, refers to the idea that the molecules that make up our bodies are continuously vibrating.

The vibration of these molecules creates electromagnetic waves (energy). This concept is the foundation of much of the literature on spiritual wellbeing. 

A higher vibrational energy is associated with happiness, mental clarity, and optimal physical health. Positive vibrations like these are thought to be encouraged by eating wholesome, healthy foods, thinking positively, and practicing gratitude.

On the other hand, low vibrations are associated with ill health, mental confusion, and dark thoughts and emotions such as anger, envy, and sadness. 

The interesting thing about the theory of vibrational frequency is that the frequency of your vibration doesn’t just affect you – your vibrational frequency can also impact others around you, and vice versa.

This is in keeping with the definition of a curse as a ‘dark intention’. 

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So, if somebody is vibrating on a low frequency and experiences the anger or jealousy described above, these dark intentions may be communicated energetically.

If the recipient’s vibrational frequency is high enough, they will have more of a defense against dark energy and will be able to maintain the positive effects of high vibrations regardless.

However, if the recipient’s energetic frequency is also low (or high, but not stable), it is likely that they will feel the effects of being exposed to negative energy, either physically in their body or in their mind in the form of low mood and lower vibrational thoughts. 

What If I Don’t Believe In Vibrational Frequency?

If you don’t believe in the concept of vibrational frequency, you might be thinking that you still don’t believe in curses. 

However, we would encourage you to think about it this way: even if you don’t think that the vibrations of the molecules in our bodies have the power to affect us or other people, there is no denying that what the people around us put out into the world can impact us, and vice versa. 

For example, if someone in your life is constantly expressing negative thoughts and feelings, or acting in ways that are destructive, your own mood and thoughts are likely to change in response to being exposed to such an environment.

There is scientific evidence to back up the fact that our environments, including those who share our environments, impact our mood, and our mood, in turn, can affect our physical health. 

Additionally, if you sense that someone is hostile towards you and you don’t feel happy and confident enough in yourself to make peace with being disliked, you may experience a phenomenon called ‘social rejection’, which research has shown produces emotional responses akin to physical pain. 

All of this goes to show that the concept of a curse in the sense of a dark intention towards another person can be considered valid from a purely psychological and scientific perspective. 

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, whether or not you believe in curses is up to you to decide.

When approaching the concept of a curse from one angle, you might not be convinced, whereas looking at curses from another perspective may make them seem more real. 

The concept of vibrational frequency is closely tied to psychic theory and practice, so if you believe in psychic abilities, you may also feel convinced of the existence of curses.

However, you probably won’t view a curse in the same way as the magical curses described in fantasy series’. Instead, you might envision a curse as an energetic exchange between two people. 

A person operating on a low vibrational frequency might experience such intense anger or jealousy that they may have dark intentions or malicious thoughts towards others.

If that other person’s vibrational frequency is not high enough to withstand this exchange, their own energy may be negatively affected, resulting in the negative consequences described above.

Depending on the definition of a curse that you believe, this could be described as a form of curse. 

Even those who don’t believe in vibrational frequencies can find meaning in the concept of a curse through scientific research that proves that the behaviors and emotional states of others around us can impact us profoundly.

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