Angel Number 955- Meaning and Symbolism (Updated)

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When a specific sequence of numerals continues to show up everywhere in your life, it is said that the angels are trying to send you a message.

This is not a  new age idea, because two and a half centuries ago, the historical mathematician Pythagoras said, “God is Number”. 

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Angel Number 955

Even back then, he understood the power of numbers.  Here we will talk about the special meaning of Angel Number 955.

Angel Number 955 Meaning 

“Once you learn to discern the gentle messages  from your angels and guides, you will realize what an incredible gift of guidance and support your intuition can be.”

~ Dr. Maria Gurney Peth, PhD, Angel Decoding

When you have a problem and you need guidance from above, your prayers are ALWAYS heard and responded to.

The answer you need is often given in a subtle message sent from your Guardian Angels, typically in the form of repeating number sequences.  

When “955” shows up repeatedly, it means your Higher Beings are trying to guide you, encourage you, and inspire you.

Your job is to properly interpret the message and listen to what it is telling you. 

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The most common interpretations of Angel Number 955  involve change and completion.

This usually means that one chapter of your life is over and the next is about to begin. Because life is cyclical in nature, this is perfectly natural and not to be feared.

In fact, because God wants you to be happy and live your best life, seeing the number 955 should encourage and inspire you.

The angels are  trying to guide you toward your Divine Path and encourage you as you take the first few challenging steps on that journey.

The message behind Angel Number 955 is ultimately meant to remind you to believe in yourself and to be unafraid as you move on and move forward.

This is Divine encouragement – you literally have Heaven’s blessings.

Angel Number 955 Meaning and Symbolism 

The message of Angel Number 955 contains several symbolic meanings that may have  particular relevance to your circumstances.

If you think, study, and meditate on how these meanings apply to different areas of your life, they provide the roadmap that takes you from where you are to where Heaven wants you to be.

First, there is change. The message is meant to encourage you while you face new challenges during this transition.

They want to assure you that the results will be worth the effort. Stay positive and determined, and trust in both yourself and in the Divie Plan for your life.

Next, Angel Number 955 refers to an ending. This is important, because you cannot truly move forward as long as you keep looking back.

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Grant forgiveness, make amends, give thanks – or all of the above – and focus on your future.

Together, these can refer to a relationship that has run its course, a job that is no longer fulfilling, or a mindset that is holding you back.

Whatever you have been praying about, here is your answer. In other words, listen to your heart and your intuition.

If something is holding you back spiritually, financially, emotionally, or romantically, and you have honestly done all you can to make the best of the situation without success, maybe it’s time to move on.

Angel Number 955 in Love ; Relationships 

If your prayers and questions are about your relationships, Angel Number 955 can guide you as you move forward. Now can be a delicate time.

Change does not have to be a bad thing. If there are problems or uncertainty, the change could refer to focusing on how you can improve your relationships.

That means working on yourself first, because you attract what you project. BE a better partner and friend. This is relevant even if you are currently single.

And while 955 suggests an ending, it does not necessarily represent finality.

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One the one hand, it could mean that working on your relationship will help get you past the rough patch you have been going through.

On the other hand, it could mean putting  an end to the resentment, anger, bitterness, fear, jealousy, and insecurity you have been experiencing.  

This may be the fresh start you have needed.

Numerology Facts about Number 955 

The individual numerals found within Angel Number 955 influence the message, give context to clarify the meaning, and help demonstrate how it relates to your life. 

The numeral 9 represents: 

  • Kindness and Compassion – Showing a warm heart supports successful relationships.
  • Wisdom – You are smart and capable enough to handle the challenges of this transition.
  • Experience – Everything you have gone through has prepared you for what comes next.
  • Spirituality – Use this time to forge a better relationship with your Higher Power.
  • Sacrifice – This transition won’t be easy, and you may not get everything you want, but it will all be worth it in the end.
  • Awareness – Work on being more present and in the moment. It will allow you to better hear what the Angels are trying to tell you.
  • Acceptance – One of the biggest keys to serenity and balance is accepting the will of God and the plan that He has for your life. 

The number 5 represents:

  • Change – Your Guardian Angels are trying to guide you during this life-changing transition.
  • Freedom – You no longer have to be shackled by anything that has been holding you back.
  • Curiosity – This transition is your opportunity to follow your interests and maximize your potential.
  • Progressiveness – Armed with the knowledge that your Higher Beings are watching over you, embrace these changes and make the most of them.
  • Resourcefulness – Change isn’t easy, but you are up to the challenge.

It’s also important to understand that because there are two 5s, these effects are magnified.

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Another hidden meaning within Angel Number 955. By adding the digits 9+5+5, you get 19, 1+9=10, and finally 1+0=1.  This shapes the message of Angel Number 955.

The number 1 represents new beginnings, determination, individuality, and ambition.

These are aspects that can help you successfully transition to the next phase of your life. 

Angel Number 955 in Twin Flame 

Based on the belief that they share the same soul, a twin flame is the deepest connection enjoyed by two people. 

Each brings out the most and the best of the other. This is rewarding and challenging at the same time.

When you see Angel Number 955 appearing again and again, pay attention, because it means the Angels are trying to send you an important message. 

If you are still searching and praying for your twin flame, 955  is a hopeful sign they may soon enter your life.

For that to happen, you have to keep your mind and heart open. Stay positive and patient. Everything will happen on Heaven’s time, not yours.

If you are already in a relationship with your twin flame, 955 may show when there are difficulties, strife, and confrontation.

It is an urgent reminder that if you value your other half, you need to make extra effort right now. This means more communication, consideration, kindness, and compassion.

To reignite your twin flame and rekindle your relationship, work on yourself.

Angel Number 955 and Career ; Finances 

Angel Number 955 encourages you to prepare yourself for new opportunities that can change your circumstances for the better.

If you have been waiting for an opening for your next financial move, this is it.

This period of change brings new opportunities for material gain and financial growth. 

This could mean asking for a raise, seeking a promotion, applying for a new position, going after bigger clients, making an investment, or even starting or growing a business of your own.

The key word, however, is “preparation”. Remember, this is the kind of blessing for which you must first put in the effort.

Before you can reap, you first have to sow – to be completely ready for these opportunities, you need to receive the proper training, acquire the necessary skills, gain the hard-won experience and expertise, and otherwise show that you can do the job.

To go back to the Angel Number meanings, you need determination, ambition, resourcefulness, wisdom, experience and sacrifice.

This is how you become ready for the financial freedom that these changes can bring.

If you ARE ready, 955 is encouraging you to believe in yourself, your abilities, and your worthiness. Confidently take these exciting new steps on your Divine Path.

This Angel Number also symbolizes endings.

One interpretation could be to know when it’s time to move on. For example, if you are at a job where there is absolutely no chance for advancement or growth, 955 may be telling you to take your talents elsewhere.

Interesting Facts about Angel Number 955

“The sea is His, for He made it, and His hands formed the dry land.”

~ Psalms 95:5 

If God can make the sea and the land, then he can definitely create a life of peace and abundance for you. Trust is his Will and his Plan.

The significance and influence of Angel Number 955 is further highlighted when you look at some of the events and births throughout history that occurred on dates linked to those numerals.

AD 955

  • The army of King Otto the Great defeats the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld, preserving the Kingdom of Germany and putting an end to Hungarian military encroachment into Western Europe.
  • The reign of King Eadred comes to an end when he dies childless. His nephew, Eadwig, then became King of the English.
  • The 9-year papacy of Pope Agapetus II ends with his death.

Several other rulers were born in 955, including:

  • Al-Aziz Billah, Caliph of the Fatimid Dynasty
  • Qian Weijun, King of Wuyue
  • Gyeongjong of Goryeo, Ruler of Korea
  • Otto II, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Theophanu, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu, King of the Pagan Dynasty

What to Do When You See Number 955 

“Establishing a clear connection with the Divine is clear to opening a clear path to your life’s purpose.”

~ Dr. Maria Gurney Peth, PhD, Angel Decoding

God sends messages about His will for you through his Angels to guide you step-by-step along your Divine Path.

This is not fortune-telling or predestination, because you still have free will and you must still take action for than plan to become a reality. 

Put another way, Angel Number 955 is like a roadmap from Heaven that points you safely in the right direction and tells you how to get there.

But it is still entirely up to you if and when you will start walking and if you are going to stay on the right path or not.

Like any roadmap, the more you stray, the longer it’s going to take you to get where you really want to be.  

When 955 appears, the most important thing to do is to not simply dismiss the message as a mere coincidence. This may be a life-changing moment.

Next, try to interpret the Angels’ intentions. Why are they communicating with you?

If you have prayed or asked God for help and guidance about a problem in your life, Angel Number 955 is His response. Do NOT ignore it.

Here are some specific steps you should immediately take when you see an Angel Number. 

  • Be Grateful – Angels Numbers prove that God loves you, wants the best for you, and takes an active interest and role in your life.
  • Pray – Ask only for a greater understanding of His will for you.
  • Fast – You gain greater spiritual clarity when you focus less on your physical needs. 
  • Meditate – Removing distractions bolsters your connection with your Higher Beings.
  • Read – Look for the deeper meaning behind Angel Numbers.
  • Serve Others – Glorify God by helping others.

Most of all, be patient as you wait for the promises of Angel Number 955 to fully manifest in your life.

There is another Bible verse that is relevant, because it reminds us that there is always a Divine Plan for your life, even if you can’t always see it. If you invert 955, you get 559. Isaiah 55:9 says:

“For as the Heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

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Heaven always hears your prayers and knows what you truly need. The answer to your prayers often comes in the form of Angel Numbers.

The fact that you have to think and study and pray and meditate to fully understand their meaning, and the fact that YOU have to also take action is intentional.

If everything was just given to you with no effort on your part, those blessings would have no real value or meaning. The concept of free will would also be empty.

When you strive to understand and you work to achieve, you become more invested in your own life. Your life is fuller and deeper, and you appreciate your blessings even more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why don’t Angels communicate directly? Why use Angel Numbers?

The first reason that Angels do not simply just send more direct messages, using ordinary words, is because Angels are not human, and therefore, they have no need for human speech.

They use numbers because math is the language that God used to write the Universe. That’s why you see repeating sequences and ratios in nature.

Angels also communicate subtly because if you have to work to successfully interpret the message, it becomes more personal and meaningful, and therefore, more likely to be heeded. 

Is there REAL power in numbers?


We can see that a Divine Intelligence used number and math when designing the Universe:

The Golden Ratio

The Fibonacci Sequence 

The belief that numbers and mathematics have power and meaning and that they bind us to the Divine goes back millennia.

Pythagoras, the famed Greek mathematician, said, “God is number”. He believed that all of reality could be explained and defined with numbers and equations. 

A thousand years later, Galileo said, “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the Universe.” When you see repeating sequences, ratios, and patterns in Nature, you can see God’s signature.


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