After Death Communications – 5 Ways Our Loved Ones In Heaven Say

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things that you will ever go through in your lifetime.

After Death Communications – 5 Ways Our Loved Ones in Heaven Say…

Death is one of the few things in human life that is guaranteed, but this doesn’t make it any easier when somebody that you love passes on. 

Once your deceased loved one has passed onto heaven, you might find yourself constantly searching for signs that that person is okay on the other side.

Whether it be through white feathers or dreams, there are all sorts of after death communications that you might be searching for. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at after death communications, specifically looking at 5 different ways our loved ones in heaven say that they are there. So, if you want to find out more, keep on reading. 

1. Smell 

One of the most common after death communications is smell. This is something that has dated back for hundreds of years, and it is a communication that a lot of people report.

The most common smell associated with after-death communications is roses, and the scent of roses has also been reported by those who have witnessed the Virgin Mary. 

However, if you are experiencing an after death communication from a loved one that has passed on, then there is a good chance that you won’t smell roses.

Most of the time, you will experience a sudden smell that you would have associated with that person.

It could be the smell of freshly baked bread when you are settling down to sleep, or the scent of cigarettes while you sit down to eat your breakfast. It could even be the scent of that person’s favorite aftershave or perfume.

The smell of scents, aromas or fragrances is commonly reported by people who have experienced after death communications.

It is a way for your loved one to give you comfort by letting you know they are still there, even if they no longer walk this Earth in human form.

2. Technology

You only have to watch a horror film to see how closely associated technology and the afterlife are.

While many horror movie producers use electrical interferences in relation to poltergeists and demonic presences, technology is also a way for your loved ones to communicate with you from heaven. 

It is believed that spirits that have moved onto heaven can tap into electrical sources, and that they use this to communicate with those of us who are still on Earth.

In particular, people have reported flickers of lights as after death communications when these flickers have happened at certain times and during certain communications. 

It is also thought that our loved ones in heaven can communicate through the draining of batteries.

In multiple paranormal settings, paranormal investigators have had previously fully-charged batteries drained of their power without even using them.

So, if your cell phone dies suddenly, or the batteries in your torch die immediately after you put them in, this could be your loved one communicating with you. 

3. Dreams

Immediately after you lose a loved one, it can become difficult to sleep. This is part of the grieving process.

As well as experiencing issues with sleep, it is common to have some very strange dreams when you do manage to nod off.

It has been reported that our loved ones in Heaven might use our dreams to communicate with us.

Following the death of loved ones, many people have reported having dreams where they were engaged in a deep conversation with the person that had passed on.

After Death Communications – 5 Ways Our Loved Ones in Heaven Say…

You might dream of coming home to that person and them actually being there, or of a fleeting conversation with that person in the midst of another dream. 

Most of the time, if the dream is a communication with the person who has passed on, you will acknowledge that they have passed on in the dream.

During these dreams, it has been reported that the deceased person might give you important announcements, but they could also be trying to tell you that they are okay and that they will always be there, even while they are in Heaven. 

4. Presence

When you are used to spending a lot of time on your own, you will be able to notice a change in presence.

There is a difference between an empty room with just you in it, and an empty room with you and a departed loved one in it. 

There have been multiple after death communications reported where people have felt the presence of that person soon after they have passed away.

Quite often, presence will be used in combination with smell for our deceased loved ones to communicate with us.

With this type of after death communication, you might even be able to sense the spirit’s emotions. 

Most of the time, presence is used by those in Heaven to reassure those that they have left behind.

When you are upset, you take comfort in the presence of those that you love, and the same theory applies here. 

5. Butterflies

Finally, it has been suggested that butterflies can be an after death communication from our loved ones in Heaven.

Butterflies are soft and delicate, and it is thought that they are sent as direct communication from our loved ones in Heaven. 

A butterfly can be sent to pass on so many different messages.

You might see a butterfly when you are placing flowers on that person’s grave, or a butterfly out of the bathroom window immediately after receiving a positive pregnancy test.

Butterflies can be sent as reassurance, or for comfort, there are all sorts of messages that they can pass on. 

It is thought by some that butterflies are actually the spirit of your loved one, and that is why they appear at these special moments.

Either way, this after death communication is guaranteed to provide comfort. 


In short, these are just 5 different after death communications that your loved one in Heaven might use to communicate with you.

All of them are guaranteed to bring comfort and reassurance that your loved one is okay up there. 

Thank you for reading!

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