979 Angel Number- Meaning and Symbolism (Updated)

If you’re seeing the number 979 popping up everywhere in your life, there’s no reason to panic and certainly no reason to worry about it.

The number 979 is like all of the other angel numbers out there in that you have to follow it to understand it.

Ignoring is the only thing that should bring worry into your life. 

979 Angel Number

979 Angel Number – Meaning

The number 979 is about belief. If you see it then you should know that it’s a simple message relayed to you that it’s time to start believing in yourself—have a little faith.

Of course, simple belief is never where it ends. You never get anywhere unless you start moving in that direction after all. 

It also means that it’s time for you to be more persistent in your belief by following through.

It’s not enough to believe in yourself if you never do anything to press forward in your life, especially in pursuit of specific goals and aspirations. 

Determination is key. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be distracted or let down by your own internal worries.

The number 9 is represented twice, which doubles its power and authenticity in your life. It’s a symbol of enlightenment, as it is a revelation to you. 

The number 9 encompasses the number 7, highlighting the meaning of it as well, which is to be more determined and persistent than you have before. 

979 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

In a way, the number 979 is symbolic of the fact that you won’t be alone in this process.

It’s a matter of strengthening your faith by letting you know that so long as you follow the meaning, be persistent in your self-belief and have faith in yourself as well as a power beyond your own, your angels will be with you. 

They won’t allow you to fail or fall behind unless you are reticent and resistant to what the symbolism of 979 is trying to reveal to you.

What are you focused on at the end of the day? Yourself? Material things? Where are you focusing all of your energy?

These are the questions that you have to ask yourself because they are vital to you.

A part of the symbolism of 979 is that not only do you need to have more faith and belief in yourself, but also direct those energies into the things that improve your life and bring meaning to your soul mission.

979 Angel Number – in Love and Relationships

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if the number 979 is directed at you because of where your life is going at the moment or specifically because you are in a relationship.

Most of the time, it’s easy to tell, especially if your relationship is a major part of your life. 

It can also carry meaning if you are actively searching for a relationship.

You can see how it ties into self-faith, believing in yourself and your abilities, having confidence, remaining determined, and all of the things that relate to seeking a relationship. 

When the number 979 comes to you in this way, it means that you shouldn’t lose hope because you are very near to finding the person that you are meant to be with.

If you ignore the signs and fall victim to your inner fears and trepidations, the number 979 becomes a warning against the things that such feelings and emotions will entail. 

Numerology Facts About 979 Angel Number

As with most numerology dictates, a repeated number has double the power and meaningfulness of a single number.

The number 9 is repeated twice here, so there is twice the amount of influence from that number alone. 

But there is also a degree of buried meaning here as well. Casual observation reveals that there is indeed a 7.

But if you add the individual numbers in 979 together, you get 25. All you have to do from there is add the 2 and 5 and you’re right back where you started—with the number 7. 

Number 9 is also a symbol that indicates retirement. If you are very near the end of your time with your employment, the number 9 will be a welcome symbol for you.

It doesn’t mean that all of the obstacles you will face in life are behind you but it does mean that your work life for a boss or company will soon draw to a close. 

979 Angel Number in Twin Flame

The twin flame meaning of the number 979 is even more significant than it is for love and relationship, though the two might often end up being conflated. In this case, it means you are soon to meet your soulmate. 

Now, you shouldn’t confuse this with meeting someone who you will enter into a relationship with, as the number 979 can signify that as well.

The difference is, that you will know that you have met your twin flame, rather than a relationship in your life that will come and go, especially if you pay close attention to the signs in your life. 

You’ll know because it will feel like all of the things that the number 979 required of you, diligence, determination, faith, persistence, belief, and the struggle that you have had to endure by having faith and confidence in yourself will all come together at once. 

When you meet your twin flame, all of the things that you had to hold together just to get here will no longer require you to struggle.

You’ll be complete and seamless, through and through—altogether a different person who has passed through the fire, clean on the other side. 

979 Angel Number – Career and Finances

The number 979 is always about having faith in yourself and persevering.

It’s all about believing that you can do it, no matter the cost or the hardship. When it applies to your career and your finances, nothing changes. 

The powers that be are often arrayed heavily against you, but so long as you have faith in yourself and the guardian angels that are with you, you will persevere and make it through, often in a better place than you were before you started. 

Interesting Facts About 979 Angel Number

The number 979 is laced with meanings that all have a singular focus, which is determination and faith in yourself, regardless of the why and regardless of the how.

So long as you stick with that tenet, you will be fine. It’s often easy to misinterpret just what 979 means, however. 

  • 979 is symbolic of your own power to make something of yourself
  • It often means a passage of fire
  • All of the tools are there—knowledge, wisdom, understanding—and they will be there for you when you need them
  • The arrival of hope for those looking for relationships
  • You will soon be with your twin flame
  • Money comes if you are determined and work for it
  • Your career path is nothing but upward so long as you believe in your own capabilities
  • There is value in compromise

The number 979 often crops up in interesting places as well. You are more likely to see it during certain parts of your day. 

  • On your way to work
  • License plates
  • On vehicles
  • Billboards
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

The number 979 is an important number and as such, it will be relayed to you in such a way that you can’t miss it unless you fail to look for it. 

What to Do When You See the Number 979

So long as you have utter faith and confidence in yourself, 979 Angel Number is nothing more than encouragement—a symbol that you are on the right path.

If you are not feeling that way, it’s time to start having a change of heart about how you are approaching everything in your life. 

It’s time for you to take control and manifest the self-confidence and positive assurance that you have always been capable of drawing from within yourself. 

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All Things Considered

979 Angel Number can be both encouragement and symbolic of the things you need to do in your life. It means having faith in yourself.

It means that it’s time for you to understand that all things are possible so long as you believe in your God-given abilities and put them to good use. 

So long as you have that inner self-confidence and the faith to acknowledge the fact that you can do anything, you will persevere, regardless of the phase your life is currently in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does 797 Mean Spiritually?

797 is kind of the opposite of 979. It means that instead of drawing from within to grasp your own self-confidence and faith in yourself, your angels are bestowing their blessings upon you instead. 

What Does 717 Mean Spiritually?

The number 717 means that you are in luck—that the moment you start to see the number 717, good fortune is with you. 

What Does 999 Mean Spiritually?

The number 999 is a matter of self-worth, meaning that you need to recognize it.

Seeing as the number 9 is repeated three times, it’s even more important and more resonant in that meaning. 

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