14 Traits Of Indigo Children And Adults

The concept of the Indigo child was first defined in the 1970s, but there are examples of Indigo children and adults that stretch throughout all of history.

14 Traits Of Indigo Children And Adults - Psychic Readings Guide

Indigo children (also known as a crystal or star child) are people that are destined to create change in the world.

They are free thinkers that have an innate ability to see the truth and are uniquely equipped to see into the human condition. 

Indigos might find fitting into our strict society to be difficult and can often feel misunderstood or rejected, even by their parents.

Indigo children seek to expose truth and deception at all costs and this can lead to them being considered headstrong or difficult to deal with. 

In this article, we will look at 14 traits of Indigo children and adults. If you, or your child, has at least half of these, you may be an Indigo child.

1. You Are Spiritually Awakened

From a young age, you’ve known that you are connected to and capable of something spiritually greater than the majority of people.

You are drawn toward truth and spirituality in their purest forms and are not constricted by either dogma or the teaching of fundamentalists.

2. You Know You Are Destined To Be Here

Your deep ties to spirituality make you feel that you represent something larger than you can define.

You know that you have a purpose and that your life exists to enact a positive change on the world and the people within it.

It is your responsibility to help the inhabitants of the world to grow and ascend and achieve their own transformation.

To some, this may seem arrogant but your confidence is unshakable. 

3. You Have High Expectations Of Yourself And Those Around You

Having such a higher purpose doesn’t come without its flaws, however. It means that you have high expectations of yourself and others and it can make interactions with those around you complicated.

It can also lead to self-criticism that is unfair and unduly harsh. Try to turn these potentially negative emotions into the force that drives you on instead of one that holds you back.

Be aware that others might not appreciate your criticisms or motivations in the same way you do.

4. You Have A Strong Intuition

Indigo children and adults see the world differently and have strong intuition.

The combination of self-assurance and intuition can make it difficult for Indigos to understand why others don’t follow their lead and decisions.

You may even feel personally offended when others choose a course of action that is different from the one you think is right.

5. You Are A Truth Seeker

One of the most important concepts in the world of an Indigo adult or child is truth. Regardless of the situation, you will always try to separate truth and reality from lies and fiction.

You are not the kind of person who turns away from the truth because it hurts, instead, you embrace it no matter how painful it may be.

Your strong intuition makes it easier for you to find that truth and you can often tell when someone is lying or hiding something from you.

6. You Question Authority

14 Traits Of Indigo Children And Adults - Psychic Readings Guide

Your strong intuition and self-assurance make it difficult to believe and follow those in power. You have a rebellious nature and are naturally skeptical of anyone who has power or authority.

As a child, you may have been called disobedient or obnoxious because you refused to follow orders and preferred to carve your own path.

Be careful with the battles you choose to pick as rebelling against the wrong person at the wrong time can lead to serious trouble.

7. You Want To Overturn The Machine

As well as questioning authority, you want to overturn the entire system. Social structures and systems that are rigid and difficult to work within seem pointless and constricting to you.

You may even have ideas of how the systems can be replaced and made more efficient and effective.

Changing these systems takes time, however, so be content with small changes that lead to larger ones over time.

8. You Make Change And Lead

Whether the changes are societal-wide or small, you are able to make changes.

Indigos are great leaders and no matter the situation, you will always be able to find a new and better way of doing things.

Even from early childhood you’ve always naturally moved towards roles of leadership and might have found it difficult to work in teams.

This is as true within a business setting as it is within a societal one. You can change things and lead people to exist within the chaos and cruelty of an evolving society.

Following others isn’t natural for you and will work better either as a leader or on your own.

9. You Are A Lost Soul

The feeling of being special and spiritually connected in a way that others aren’t can also lead to a feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Indigos often feel out of place with other people and tend to be loners or rebels.

You could compromise your beliefs and the person you are in order to fit in, but you are unwilling to do so.

Thankfully, Indigos are also autonomous people and free spirits so solitude is not something that you dislike.

You might even prefer to be alone and enjoy the opportunity for insight and self-reflection.

Your strong connection to the natural world means that you often feel most comfortable when you are outside and alone, surrounded only by trees or the ocean.

10. You Are Strong-Willed

14 Traits Of Indigo Children And Adults - Psychic Readings Guide

You’re unwilling to compromise who you are because of your strong will. Your purpose as an Indigo is too important and integral to who you are and makes you very headstrong.

You are aware of your self-worth and are unwilling and unable to back down from anything that might compromise your integrity.

You prefer to think for yourself and question the status quo instead of blindly following along with everyone else.

Even when criticized by other people, you will keep walking your own path because of your desire to accomplish your goals. 

11. You Are Passionate And Focused

For other people, the passionate and fiery temperament of an Indigo can be difficult to deal with.

You don’t like to be silent when you feel that you have something to say and this can cause conflict at times.

However, you are also intensely focused, and this can keep your passions in check.

Instead of your passion spilling out in unfocused ways, your focus can control your passion and turn it into a laser beam instead of an explosion.

Try to nurture both of these traits both individually and in conjunction with each as they exist to balance each other out.

Your passion should drive your focus and your focus should control your passion.

12. You Possess Psychic Abilities

You possess psychic powers that are natural and innate to who you are. You didn’t need to develop or learn them, they’re simply there.

These abilities can include clairvoyance, telepathy, and the power to be an empath.

These powers might not be as strong as they are in some others, but they will give you a natural advantage when dealing with others.

You will be able to read their true intentions and thoughts more easily than non-Indigos can.

Your empathetic nature also extends to animals and you will have a strong connection to both the animal and natural worlds.

13. You Are Often Frustrated

The combination of your innate powers, understanding of the bigger picture, and desire to invoke change on a massive scale often leads to feelings of immense frustration.

This can be frustration aimed at people around or society as a whole for not changing quickly enough.

Frustration is a difficult emotion for Indigos to control and you should try to work on your patience and control.

Don’t let feelings of frustration overwhelm you or divert you from your path.

14. You Are An Old Soul

No matter what your age actually is, you still feel like you have lived for several decades or even several lifetimes before.

You possess wisdom that your peers don’t and it’s wisdom that exceeds your years.

This was never more evident than when you were a young child as you may have behaved and thought like an old man or woman instead of the child you physically were.

As an adult, this gives you a worldview that is philosophical and spiritual. 

Final Thoughts

Indigos have an important role to play in a world that doesn’t always understand them.

They can be strong and emphatic leaders that force change in ways that can be seen as rebellious and revolutionary.

Being an Indigo child (You might also want to check out What Rainbow Children Are) or adult can be difficult at times but it’s important to believe in yourself and your gifts to create the change that the planet needs.


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